Mattapoisett Master Plan

On Wednesday, December 9, the Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee (MMPC) met for the first time via Zoom. The role of the MMPC is to work with the Planning Board to guide the project by identifying local goals and priorities, to comment on and to influence work that the project team creates, and to be optimistic “local champions” for the Master Plan and its future implementation.

            The volunteer members of the MMPC have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and connections to the local community. All members were recently sworn-in by town leadership, enabling the first meeting to formally begin their role in Master Plan process. Below is the complete list of MMPC members: Robert Burgman, Shirley Haley, Colby Rottler, Carole Clifford, Kate Haley, Cecile Sanders, Kate Connelly, David Horowitz, Donna Shea, Paul Criscuolo, Nate Ketchel, Aaron Smith, Mary Dermody, Robin LePore, Tom Tucker, Carlos DeSousa, Janice Robbins, Chrystal Walsh, Yasmin Flefleh-Vincent, and Mike Rosa.

            The Mattapoisett Master Plan kicked off to resounding support from the community with the “Discovery” Workshop. This event, which took place online over two weeks beginning in late August, was the first of many opportunities for the project team to hear directly from the community. The event also served as a means to introduce Master Planning ideas and concepts to Mattapoisett residents. As the Master Plan looks toward Workshop #2, which will begin with a Zoom event at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 24, the project team will consult with the MMPC to consider new ways of reaching out to residents, developing workshop activities, and ensuring that the Mattapoisett Master Plan reflects community needs and aspirations.

            For more information about the Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee and upcoming events, visit the project website and follow the Facebook page or Instagram.

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