Ruffed Grouse Spring Drumming

            Our own woodland Ruffed Grouse that drums in the spring is actually the very same bird as the celebrated Partridge in a pear tree of the Christmas carol. The Grouse gets its descriptive plumage title from the ruffed ring of dark feathers that rise up around its neck, lifted up by the air thrust of […] Read more »

New Pastor Reaches Out via Facebook Live

            Colby Olson was on his way to Lakeville on June 4 to watch his son Troy play a tennis match for Monomoy Regional High School against Apponequet in the MIAA Division 3 South team tournament when he detoured off of the highway and found himself driving on Route 105 through Rochester center.             Olson spotted a […] Read more »

Happy Trails to the Restless

            Tired of climbing the walls and waiting for an all-clear to the movies, restaurants and stores? No better time than the present to engage in a higher quality of life through what nature has right under our socially distanced noses.             Take a walk.             There are literally dozens of trails within a 20-minute drive in almost […] Read more »

Medicine Ma’s Way

            All the news regarding COVID-19 has brought back memories of my childhood illnesses, contagious diseases that were cared for and confined at home. Chickenpox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, ear and throat infections, “the grippe” and seasonal fevers. Yes, I’ve suffered them all and survived, in no small part thanks to my mother’s nursing skills.             At […] Read more »

DECA gets ORR Students Down to Business

            While bearing down and creating responses to the hypothetical challenges thrown their way by judges in a statewide business contest, Old Rochester Regional High School students Ryu Huynh-Aoyama and Eddie Gonet felt no pressure.             They were in Boston with 19 other ORR students to compete, but that was a fact to celebrate because creating the Tri-Town […] Read more »

Who We Are and What We Do

            Many people are asking what the newly reconstituted Marion Historical Commission is all about. How are we different from the Sippican Historical Society? Why does Marion need two separate historical organizations?             In reality, the two organizations are very different.             The Sippican Historical Society is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with dues-paying membership. According to […] Read more »

Marion Establishes a Foodbank

            Marion’s new foodbank operating out of the otherwise-closed Community Center emanated from an announcement that Town Administrator Jay McGrail made, telling an Emergency Preparedness Meeting on March 13 that the town would be releasing funds from its reserve account to develop a foodbank plan that, by the end of the day, he hoped would be […] Read more »

Tri-Town Basketball Playoffs

The Tri-Town Basketball Playoffs on Thursday, March 12 was the final night for Tri-Town basketball. The league had over 190 participants in grades 3 through 6 from Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester.              The first game of the evening was the girls grade 3-6 finals. Team Sparks coached by Sarabeth Morrell played the Mystics coached by Tim […] Read more »

A Plan for Tomorrow

Welcome to the latest edition of The Wanderer! As with pretty much everything these days, The Wanderer is treading new ground and sailing uncharted seas in response to our ever-changing world. The first thing we’d like to do is congratulate everyone on their proactive response to our new world challenge. What we do today isn’t just about us […] Read more »

The Mystical Mute Swan

            When we moved from Monterey to Buzzards Bay, we were within walking distance of a lighthouse that was obsolete but made into a public park called Ned’s Point.             We were thrilled in the morning when Mute Swans went winging past our windows at dawn, to land and glide gracefully in the waters around the historic […] Read more »