Bumblebees Pollinate Lady Slipper Orchids

Lady slipper orchids are decorative bulb-shaped flowers that range in color from white to various shades of pink and red in our gardens at this time of year. They are one of the most attractive and fascinating plants with a unique history of growth and development from a tiny seed blowing in the wind about […] Read more »

Harbor Days Earns an ‘A’ for Appreciation

            Back in January as the Lions Club began developing plans for the 2021 Harbor Days fundraising event, an annual multi-day festival that was not permitted to take place during the height of the pandemic in 2020, many restrictions were still in place. Such restrictions have since, for the most part, been lifted in Massachusetts; […] Read more »

Time Capsule Memories

            Fifty years ago, John DeCosta Jr. was a little boy whose father was deeply involved in all things local. As a selectman and member of various clubs and organizations, DeCosta Senior was there lending support. What his son witnessed was the importance of community involvement.             When DeCosta Junior became selectman in 2020, one […] Read more »

Silvershell Takes Step Forward

            The most common concern in the Town of Marion has been the ability of senior citizens to age in place. In the past few years, the subject has been referenced by almost every municipal government board and committee in its public meetings.             On June 30, the Recreation Department took what might seem a […] Read more »

Nolan Fest Celebrates an Amazing Life

            On August 18, it will have been a year since Nolan Gibbons passed away in his sleep, and two of his best friends in the music world are still trying to process their loss.             “A year before, I was doing Acapella Academy and he was my roommate at that camp, and I got […] Read more »

‘Arts in The Park’ Merges Creative Passion

            When is a craft art, or art a craft? I think we could all agree that the annual Marion Art Center Arts in the Park event held on July 10 in the town’s Bicentennial Park showcases both and blends the two harmonious as one – art, for art’s sake. And what a grand and […] Read more »

Washburn Park Deserves Ribbon for Show

            The 74th Annual Marion Horse Show is a cherished event for the town and the surrounding area. So, when the skies darkened and threatened this year’s event, people arrived anyway, towing their horse trailers loaded down with supplies for equines and their humans. This year’s event was held on July 3 at Washburn Park. […] Read more »

Uncovering Stories behind Famous Authors

            For many, many decades, the Brattle Book Shop has been a fixture in Boston for lovers of old, used, and rare books. Its history is the history of a family whose love of the printed word transcended nearly all other desires. Today, Ken Gloss, a second-generation bookseller and highly respected authority on rare books […] Read more »

The Old-World Glossy Ibis

            The glossy ibis is not well-known, because it is rarely seen in this part of the world. It is a distinctly different-looking stork-like bird with dark, iridescent plumage and a long, curved bill to probe shallow waters for insects and shellfish along the shoreline. In addition to consuming animal matter along coastal Buzzards Bay, […] Read more »

Bright Futures Light up Marion

            “Necessity is the mother of invention,” the popular paraphrasing of Plato, came to light in more ways than one over the Independence Day holiday weekend in Marion where red, white, and blue luminaria adorned residents’ fences, steps, and stone walls along Front Street and in public places such as the Music Hall and Old […] Read more »