Volunteers Still Driving Force on Fourth

            Great projects are rarely conceived according to the first draft and sometimes it takes a broken play to score a touchdown, but the volunteers who make the Mattapoisett Road Race what it’s become over a half-century have one thing in common: an ethic borne of passion for athleticism, their community and the Old Rochester Regional […] Read more »

Green Darnier Dragonfly Proven More Friend than Foe

            If you live near the standing-water shoreline as we do on Little Bay in Fairhaven, our midsummer evenings on the back porch are filled with watching fleeting dragonflies and damselflies streaking back and forth to catch mosquitos in midair.             In New England alone, there are no less than four indigenous species of them that prevail […] Read more »

Arts Have Ally in Cultural Council

            After watching an excellent television program on the public broadcasting station, a viewer might sit and watch the credits roll. Somewhere near the bottom, it says the program was made possible by… any number of charitable agencies, endowments or entities.             When it comes to the wide variety of locally-based or locally beneficial arts events and […] Read more »

No Quit in Briand

            Dan Briand has maintained his unique standing as the lone runner to participate in all 50 years of the Mattapoisett Road Race.              A newly-minted Bourne resident nearing age 64, Briand was only a 13-year-old summer resident of Mattapoisett when he ran the inaugural race in 1971. Having grown up in Taunton and attending Coyle High […] Read more »

‘Virtual Race’ Carries on 50-Year Legacy

            While it was disappointing for many to come to find out there would be no 50th running of the Mattapoisett Road Race this year, it turns out there were actually two races.             The official “virtual” one, in which runners were only competing against themselves on a self-chosen course with an assignment to turn in a […] Read more »

DiCarlo Shy upon Recognition, Relentless in Her Mission

            Elizabeth “Liz” DiCarlo has been advocating for people on multiple fronts for more than 40 years. That statement of fact recently put DiCarlo in a special category of women from Massachusetts – she was named as a Commonwealth Heroine by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Her name was advanced by State Representative […] Read more »

Marjorie: Music That Keeps an Even Keel

            If the world is a tempest right now, Seamus McMahon’s music is a timely salve.             The Mattapoisett native who grew up playing jazz music at Old Hammondtown School and Old Rochester Regional (class of 2012) developed his skills at Berkeley School of Music, but instead of emerging with a whirlwind of competing sounds, his new […] Read more »

Old-School Strategies Still Ring True in Mosquito, Tick Season

            In a presentation entitled “The Bugs That Bug You,” Blake Dinius, the entomologist educator for the Plymouth County Extension, hosted a webinar on Monday aimed at educating county residents on Tick and Mosquito Biology, Ecology and Bite Prevention.             The theme of the webinar was “blood-feeding” and included a historical sketch mixed with educated guesses as […] Read more »

Mattapoisett’s New Fire Station Breaks Ground

            On June 30 the skies may have been gloomy, but faces were beaming with joy as local officials along with project planners, engineers and construction teams ceremonially broke ground for Mattapoisett’s New Fire Station. On hand to celebrate the moment were State Representative William Straus, Selectmen Jordan Collyer and John DeCosta, retired Town Administrator Mike […] Read more »

The Migration Loons of Summer

            If you are a bird watcher along the coastline of Buzzards Bay, loons may still appear coming in from the ocean where they spent the winter.             They started inland in spring when warmer water and prevailing onshore breeze pointed them northward in the direction of the Atlantic Flyway along with other sea bird migrations. They […] Read more »