Tri-Town Sings the Folk Songs of the Nation

As the Tri-Town libraries of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester continue their “One Book, Tri-Town” program, no aspect of the selected book’s theme – the Great Depression era – is left out, and that includes the music of the times.             On March 17, the Friends of the Rochester Library hosted an afternoon of music, an old […] Read more »

Vocabulary Day the RMS Way

When one reaches fourth grade at Rochester Memorial School, There’s a ‘peculiar’ tradition that’s really quite cool. The kids are ‘ecstatic’ to participate, Their mission: new words, let me ‘illuminate’. They start with a word that makes them ‘perplexed’, Then they bring it to life looking most ‘picturesque.’ They parade through the gym in their […] Read more »

The Works Program Agency’s Works of Art

The Tri-Town libraries of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester have banded together in an experiment that gives rise to opportunities to dig further into subject matter that has helped to shape our country in a program titled “One Book, Tri-Town.”             Their first topic, the Great Depression, focuses on the epic back-to-work program launched during more troubling […] Read more »

ORRJHS Brings the Magic of Aladdin to the Stage

Are you ready to be whisked away to an enchanted place where the rugs are magic carpets, genies inhabit golden lamps, rings, and jewels, and a street boy can be turned into a wealthy prince to marry a beautiful princess in disguise? Then rub your magic lamp, hop on your camel, and head to the […] Read more »

Animals and a Child’s Eye – Two Exhibits

The small but mighty Marion Art Center (MAC) has been bringing the beauty of artistic creations in its many forms to the local community for decades. That was never truer than with the current exhibits unveiled on March 1 titled “Students of Sippican and Menagerie.”             On the first floor gallery walls are 31 works of […] Read more »

Food As Memory and Metaphor

She loved to eat. At supper time, she would often have second helpings of whatever remained in pots and pans littering the stovetop, eating directly from them with a joy not displayed over other activities. Simply put, food was her friend.             Food replaced so many things her life did not provide, like a stable, happy, […] Read more »

The Residual Canada Goose

The Canada goose was not a regular part of the winter landscape fifty years ago in 1969 when I wrote my very first wildlife article for the Ridgefield, Connecticut publication just around the corner from our house. I wrote the article before today’s public awareness of global warming when geese were still migrating south, for […] Read more »

For Nye, 100 First Responders March in Memory

Sunday was a solemn day for the Tri-Town community and its first responders as many gathered in Mattapoisett to honor the memory of Thomas Nye, a 45-year veteran of the Marion Fire Department who died February 27 in the line of duty.             Over 100 firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel from Marion, the Tri-Town, and […] Read more »

‘Round the Clock Cuckoo

            Andrew Maslow nailed it with his hierarchy of needs. He proposes that our actions are motivated to achieve certain needs; our most basic ones being met first, which leads to the opportunity for us to meet our psychological needs. If we are successful in meeting those, then we can strive towards those higher needs of […] Read more »

Rochester Girl Forging a Future in Welding

It might be February vacation for Tri-Town kids, but the learning doesn’t stop when you visit the Plumb Library in Rochester this week.             On Tuesday, February 19, Rochester resident and Junior Friend of the Plumb Library Emma Makuch impressed a sizable group of youngsters as she shared her knowledge about metal and welding skills as […] Read more »