Bird Watching the Tufted Titmouse

The Titmouse is a familiar songbird with its hallmark crest on its head found everywhere in the south shore of Buzzards Bay. It is no bigger than the similar Chickadee in anatomy and behavior. Both are very selective at not eating directly at a bird feeder but instead carrying their food away from where they […] Read more »

Beauty through a Lens

            On January 30, a breath of fresh air blew through the Mattapoisett Free Public Library when Richard Van Inwegen gave a presentation on the style of photography he enjoys pursuing and enjoys sharing with the public: primarily nature and the great outdoors.             That hasn’t always been the case. As a young boy, Van […] Read more »

Giant Spruce Taken Down

            There was momentary doubt as to the nature of that giant tree taken down on Tuesday between Elizabeth Taber Library and Sippican Elementary School, but there was no disagreement that its time had run out.             “It’s not dead … but it’s so compromised. … In a big storm, a limb could fall down,” […] Read more »

No Injuries in House Fire

A Rochester family and its pets safely exited a house fire on Stuart Road early Thursday morning, the February 2 call going to the Rochester Fire Department at approximately 5:00 am, according to a report published by the Rochester Fire Department. The call reported smoke and fire inside the house. Firefighters arriving at the scene […] Read more »

See You at the Movies

            The Royal Theater was a seedy little movie venue in New Bedford’s south end where my expertise in movie reviewing began. Mom would give me a quarter, 15 cents for admission and 10 cents for popcorn. My friends Freddy, Jimmy and Jackie and I would spend all day Saturday watching great cinemas like “Captain Marvel,” […] Read more »

Harbormaster Pitches ‘Natural Resources’ Dept.

            Leveraged by Massachusetts’ Police Reform Act into what its personnel considers a crawl space between the rock of new budgetary constraints and the hard place of increasing demand for job-related services, the Marion Harbormaster Department has rolled out a proposal to create a new town Department of Natural Resources.             If approved by the […] Read more »

A Fortunate Source for Inspiration

            At a time when young children ought to be watching Sesame Street, building with Legos or learning their numbers, a young child of six, according to news reports, recently committed an unthinkable act against a respected teacher. Officials say it was not accidental. I wonder what on earth inspired that child to commit such […] Read more »

An Essay on Inner Peace

            Once there was a legend about a village where everyone carried a 200-pound load of rocks on their back wherever they went. As soon as they got up in the morning, they would put this bag of stones on their backs and go about their business. Even little children, as soon as they could […] Read more »

The Musical Northern Cardinal

            The scarlet-colored male Cardinal with a flaming crest on its head is now a familiar backyard species because it is classified as nonmigratory and spends all winter here. It makes a beautiful Christmas card to send your friends, posing with bright, red plumage against a backdrop of white snow drifts. It got its proper […] Read more »

How to Declutter Your Home 1.0

            On January 13, the Sippican Woman’s Club held its monthly meeting, which included a rather timely presentation on a familiar topic: clutter at home.             As we begin a new year, many of us will have this to-do at the top of our resolution lists. But how does one begin, just where is the […] Read more »