A Harder Harbor Days

It’s the paradox of Harbor Days: the same exact thing every year, which is just the way we like it. I know where that aluminum can airplane artist will be, at the far end on the harbor side of Shipyard Park, and right opposite that will be the stuffed animal marionettes. In the corner by […] Read more »

2018 Keel Award Recipients

The communities of the Tri-Town are special: the landscapes, the historic buildings, the history. But what really makes our three towns stand out are the people who live in them, the people who work in them, and especially the ones who give of their time and energy, volunteering for the highest good of their town […] Read more »

Local Author Takes Readers on a Deep Dive

Michelle Cusolito is much more then an author of children’s stories; she is a piped piper, a master of ceremony, an educator, and storyteller with an ability to transport her readers. On July 23, Cusolito did all of that and more as she read aloud from her recently published book Flying Deep, the story of […] Read more »

MOSAC Makes Great Swamp Greater

Almost half the land in Marion is protected land, and in and around that protected land are miles of trails that traverse some of the prettiest and most peaceful corners of the town. The Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission sent two of its own over to the Great Swamp loop trail, also known as Mecke […] Read more »

Harbor Days – 1 Harbor Day = No Problem!

Even with the subtraction of one day from this year’s Harbor Days week, Harbor Days 2018 was a smashing success, reports Harbor Days President and Mattapoisett Lions Club member Amy Mello. Of course, no one likes to see Harbor Days shortened by pending bad weather, but despite Sunday’s foreboding forecast, the rest of Harbor Days […] Read more »

Art In Plain Sight

Just up the road in New Bedford is a treasure trove of visual arts: watercolors, carvings, oil paintings, and photographs, primarily depicting a place and time when the city of New Bedford was the whaling capital of the world – the 19th century. On July 11 in the 21st century at the Mattapoisett Free Public […] Read more »

Friends’ Cross-Country Bike Ride Concludes in Rochester

Colleen Oakes and Renee Buteyne were only 12 when they met in junior high at Old Rochester Regional. The two girls spoke for the first time after Buteyne (formerly Bussenger) watched as a girl at school asked to borrow Oakes’ lip gloss “and she intentionally jammed her finger in it and ruined it,” said Oakes, […] Read more »

Mattapoisett’s Movers and Shakers

Mattapoisett usually isn’t thought of as having a rich history full of icons and innovators. Sure, the little oceanside town maintains its fair share of wealthy visitors and whaling artifacts, but to the uninformed outsider, Mattapoisett is mainly a small New England town full of everyday people. That being said, upon further investigation, Mattapoisett has […] Read more »

The Water Dance of the Loon

As a birdwatcher, one sight to remember is one of a common loon in the backwaters of our freshwater lakes or ponds. And there is good news of a gradual increase in the New England population as reported by The Loon Preservation Committee of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. As an independent conservation organization with an […] Read more »


By the time I was 13 years old, earning money was a big driver in my life. If I wanted cool-looking school clothes other than the standard issuance my mother was willing to order from Sears, Roebuck, and Company, I had to earn my own cash. I became the neighborhood errand girl, hairstylist, and later, […] Read more »