Boiled Mushrooms, Anyone?

            Have you ever heard of boiling mushrooms? Most likely not. But many learned this trick on April 20 when the Sippican Lands Trust hosted chef and mushroom hunter Chad Hyatt. The virtual talk is part of a new series of talks and presentations that the SLT has planned.             Hyatt spoke from the epicenter of his […] Read more »

Rodrigues, Bulldogs Ready for Encore

            As a high school freshman from Fairhaven participating in the Whaler volleyball clinic for the first time, Kailee Rodrigues was involved in a warm-up drill when her catch-and-release skills caught some attention. The instructors were surveying the floor and making teams when they saw Rodrigues and saw four years into the future.             “The first time […] Read more »

Rosbe’s Latest Tells Story of Local Church

            Judith Rosbe didn’t start her professional life as an author. She had, in fact, studied English and history for a career as an educator. Then Rosbe decided to become a lawyer, a career choice that lasted for 30 years. There were years of building her career coupled with years of nurturing her children. One […] Read more »

Vernal Pool Hosts Nature’s Wonders

            What animal in our local area can go into a deep freeze in winter and come out of it in spring?             Gary Johnson says that creature is the wood frog, which had mated, laid its eggs, and left town by the time a group of 10 people visited its vernal pool in an […] Read more »

Merganser Is In Season

                        For avid birdwatchers, few ducks are handsomer than the brightly colored male American merganser.                         The boldly black and iridescent green crest on its head are strikingly contrasted above a pristine white body, which itself is offset by an orange bill and webbed feet. The female merganser, however, has been painted with earth-bound plumage […] Read more »

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

            We take them for granted. They have become so completely part of the local landscape that they probably don’t even register on our conscious minds as we motor along, taking care of our 21st century business. Stone walls are everywhere.             But a mere heartbeat ago in geological time, stone and rock walls served […] Read more »

Updated Information for Proposed Marine Facility in Marion

            This past September, the Town held a meeting to review a proposed new Marine Facility to be located at Island Wharf. Based on the discussion and comments received at that meeting, the design of the proposed facility has been revised. Attached are “Before and After” drawings showing the original design from September 2020 and […] Read more »

Outdoor Classroom Exceeds Imagination

            Little could Joanne Smith and Kirsten Jimenez realize in January 2020 just how significant their little idea would be to the children attending Rochester Memorial School a year later.             Entrenched in a normal winter, Smith, an art teacher at the town’s elementary school, and Jimenez, the Parent-Teacher Organization president, began discussing and planning […] Read more »

April Is Donate Life Month

            Samuel Evan Ellis could not have known when he got a tattoo on his hand that the words he had chosen for his body art would become professorial – “Never Die.” When his sister saw the tattoo, she was a bit miffed, asking him why he would select that wording. He simply replied, “Because […] Read more »

Marion Projects Receive Federal, State Aid

            The Town of Marion hopes it is turning a fiscal corner after Representative William Straus presented its delegates with a $250,000 check on April 2, part of a $2 million commitment from the state to assist on debt payment associated with the rehabilitation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant lagoon off Benson Brook Road.             […] Read more »