Walk This Way

            The Mattapoisett Museum has over the past few years evolved from a collection of materials to a fully functioning museum offering a wide variety of programs and services.             This has been no small task. One can speculate easily that the original founding members would be amazed and very pleased to see the building […] Read more »

Snow’s Pond a Summer Classroom

On a hot and sunny July 13 afternoon, Lisa Wheeler of the Plumb Memorial Library, local professor and ecologist Dr. Mindy Labranche and Michelle Kirby of the Snow’s Pond Association brought over two dozen children to the Lawrence Way shore of Snow’s Pond to teach them about the importance of lakes, ponds and freshwater life. […] Read more »

Barn Swallow a Farmer’s Friend

            Since early colonial agriculture times in this country, the Barn Swallow has been a welcome visitor to barnyards because it eats so many unwanted, crop-destroying insects such as beetles, flies, wasps, crawling ants, moths and spiders.             At a speed of over 74 miles per hour, while skimming over ponds, lakes and rivers, the […] Read more »

Local Musician Hits TV Screen – Again

Jillian Jensen’s young life is coming together like the plot of a made-for-television drama series with scenes seemingly interwoven even several years before reaching the action-packed scramble as the story nears its conclusion.             It only makes sense that the 29-year-old Bishop Stang High School graduate who grew up in Rochester will appear on TV […] Read more »

ORR’s First Graduates Look Back

            Before 1961, there was no Old Rochester Regional High School. Tri-Town residents upon completing the eighth grade were separated and shipped off to various schools in the area.             “The first half of the alphabet went to Mattapoisett Center, the second half went to Marion … for the ninth grade. For the 10th and […] Read more »

Non-Profits Offer Great Benefits to Harbor Days

The Mattapoisett Lions Club’s annual extravaganza, Harbor Days, was another grand success in a long line of successes for the service organization. Since 2010, the club reported in the visitor guide to the event that scholarships ranging from $1,250 to $5,000 have been awarded to local high school seniors. Harbor Days is the cornerstone event […] Read more »

Weird, Wonderful Exhibit Delivers

            Call it eccentric or strange, curious or just plain interesting. You’re likely to use all those adjectives and more when you visit the Mattapoisett Museum’s newest exhibit titled “Weird and Wonderful.”             Loosely based on the Victorian-age hobby of collecting objects, all kinds of objects and then putting them on display in one’s home, […] Read more »

Tick an Abiding but Manageable Pest

            Blake Dinius, entomologist and educator with the Plymouth County Cooperative Extension, knows a thing or two about insects, especially ticks and mosquitoes. He has been educating the public since 2017 on ways to minimize exposure to biting bugs that carry dangerous and infectious pathogens. However, while such biting insects do pose big problems for […] Read more »

Twin Soccer Careers Budding in Europe

            Soccer is a first language of sorts for 19-year-old Leal twins Matthew and Patrick, whose unlikely joint journey as brothers who grew up in Massachusetts now sees them taking significant steps toward establishing professional playing careers in separate European countries.             Never was the unifying power of the sport, so evident as it was […] Read more »

Open Season for Blood-Sucking Leeches

Ticks are blood-sucking leeches that hide in your body, while possibly transmitting infections of a serious matter. They can hide between your toes or behind your knees or in your groin, under your armpits, in the back of your neck or behind your ears.             To discover the location of such a bite, check your […] Read more »