Chowder Competition Brings Bragging Rights

If you were within a five-mile radius of the Mattapoisett Knights of Columbus Hall on September 23, you knew something good was simmering. The air was thick with the scent of warm, wonderful chowders. Chowders seasoned with linguica, bacon, and that elusive “secret seasoning” were available for taste testing at the 4thannual Mattapoisett Fire Fighters […] Read more »

The Great Blue Heron: Statuesque, Stately, Serpentine

The great blue heron is probably the most majestic figurehead of shore birds, easily recognized and identified by bird watchers along the coastline of Buzzards Bay. It is usually sighted while standing or wading in the shallows of the water’s edge of the coastline shore. It may appear almost motionless while cautiously leaning over the […] Read more »

ConCom Approves Water Main Replacement

An engineer working with the Mattapoisett Water & Sewer Department presented the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission on September 24 with the Town’s plan to construct a new water main between Avenues A and B, and Beach and Bay Roads in the Point Connett and Pease’s Point beach neighborhoods. Kevin Flood, senior project manager with Foss & […] Read more »

‘Welcome to Marion’

It’s known as “the gateway to Marion” and once upon a time there might have been a CVS on the Captain Hadley house property at the corner of Route 6 and Front Street if Marion residents hadn’t fought as hard as they did to stop it. Today the historical yellow Greek revival house still sits […] Read more »

They Have Those Moments to Remember

Six decades ago a group of students from Mattapoisett were taking the journey of a lifetime. No longer would they be in that insular world created by the teachers and the school they loved so well. They were graduating from Center School. Now they would be thrust into life as high school students transported far […] Read more »

The Wanderer: A Short History of the Last Whaling Bark

Imagine, if you will, Mattapoisett’s Shipyard Park full of raw white gleaming wooden planks and timbers. Can you hear the cacophony from men and tools being plied in the making of wooden ships? Imagine standing on Water Street looking out towards the harbor and there before you, towering some thirty feet up are the massive […] Read more »

ORR Mural Honors Life of Becket Kiernan

The entire Old Rochester Regional community was there lining the road that February day when USMC PFC Becket Kiernan travelled one last time by the school on his way to his final resting place at the Bourne National Cemetery. The young Marine, just weeks after completing basic training, died tragically on February 5, 2018, after […] Read more »

Rochester Welcomes Next Police Chief

He’s not usually an emotional guy, said retiring Rochester Police Chief Paul Magee on Friday, September 14, but those who’ve worked alongside all these years can attest to his sincerity. As Rochester gave a fond farewell to its chief of 15 years, it also welcomed its new chief, Sergeant Robert Small, Jr., a veteran of […] Read more »

Pipe Dreams

If I walk slowly through the late summer woods, I can feel the forest around me is charged with an almost supernatural presence. If I look carefully enough, I can see that I’m not alone walking among tiny ghosts that rise up from the forest floor like smoke from an ancient peace pipe. And if […] Read more »

The Real Disneyland

Long before I lived in Mattapoisett, long before I settled into a traditional lifestyle – a lifestyle I longed for but failed at that point to achieve – I was a struggling single mother. As such, vacations were out of the question. Sure, there were fun activities – going to city parks, public beaches or […] Read more »