Student’s Concept Grows into Reality

A high school junior at the time, Avanna L’Homme didn’t realize what she was getting herself into when she turned in the “fun, little project” assigned her computer-automated drafting class at Upper Cape Tech.             A project that began as classwork developed into two years of extracurricular activity, and at age 19, the Wareham native […] Read more »

Friends of Marion COA Steadfast

            Who says the Post Office owns the adage “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…?” Just ask the Friends of the Marion Council on Aging and they will tell you, “…We are moving ahead.”             On August 19, the gala fundraising event long planned by the Friends group took place on […] Read more »

Cass, Wysong Soak in Success

            Three weeks from age 60, Mary Cass was the class of the Mattapoisett Road Race, brushing off her closest competitor and Saturday morning’s humidity with a stellar if sweat-soaked performance.             Cass, whose official time of 20:46 (she timed herself at 20:47.3) was 14th overall, led all women by a comfortable 37 seconds.             […] Read more »

Midsummer Night’s Dream Come True

            Our friend the bard, you know, Will Shakespeare, has authored plays that speak to every single human emotion, condition, and behavior from the heights of love to the despair of the same and everything in between. He takes us on journeys of the mind that transcend space and time to any space in time […] Read more »

The Clamorous Blue Jay

            Henry David Thoreau’s description of the loud, alarming call of the blue jay within hearing in our backyards is an accurate one; he likened the sound to an unreal, steel scream shattering the silence on an otherwise quiet day. It sounded to him like catching a thief in the act of committing a crime […] Read more »

Locals Help Launch Lifelong Dream

            Massachusetts’ South Coast was not on Paul Thompson’s radar, not when he was a child learning to sail in England’s Newcastle area nor at any time during a professional career that took him to upstate New York where he regularly raced on Lake George. But he was thrilled on Saturday morning when Seven Stars, […] Read more »

Teaching Tiny Tots about Turtles

            The meeting room conveniently located next to the children’s department at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library was flooded with tiny tots eager to see and touch anything and everything associated with turtles. The occasion was the arrival of volunteers from Wareham-based New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance. They were visiting to share their love for […] Read more »

COAs Provide Exercise and Much More

            Every week several hundred people are benefiting from movement and exercise classes offered at local councils on aging. These classes provide expertise geared toward understanding how to use one’s body correctly and what types of movements to practice in order to gain or regain flexibility, strength, and forward mobility.             But today, the need […] Read more »

Dexter Finally Getting His Due

            All those years that James Dexter set up the Old Rochester Regional High School’s seating for graduation, the irony was not lost on the would-be Class of 1964 member.             Challenged by dyslexia in an era long before solutions overtook segregation, the 77-year-old Mattapoisett native grew up in a marginalized society that he laughs […] Read more »

Long-Tailed Weasel Lives Dangerously

            The long-tailed weasel species is classified as the least weasel because it is the smallest member of other elongated fury animals, about the size of a domestic ferret, and, turning from brown to white in winter, it becomes an ermine to decorate the collars of ladies’ coats.             As illustrated in my drawing, they […] Read more »