Thanksgiving Lives On

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Even as a little boy when you’d think it would be just like any other day, just me and my mother and father at the dinner table, it was special.             Instead of the usual meatloaf or tuna casserole, or “potato bargain” … a concoction of sliced potatoes […] Read more »

Blending History with Art

James Parker likes to keep busy. After a very active life filled with military service and commercial business success, he turned to his love of painting and research of all things Americana.             For many years now, Parker has been painting in the self-taught folk or primitive style. He has found that nearly every street, […] Read more »

Musician Navigates Lyme with Songs

More than four years ago, 26-year-old Alex Cannell had just graduated from college and was working in the wealth management field in Boston. Cannell’s life then took a twist when he contracted Lyme disease. He had trouble getting the right diagnosis, causing his condition to worsen and force him to go on work disability.             […] Read more »

More Than Thank You – Appreciation

            It’s tradition every Veterans Day to commemorate our active duty, retired and deceased military men and women. It’s a time to reflect on what it means to live in a democratic society and the people that were or are willing to sacrifice everything to protect and defend the principles of freedom.             Mattapoisett held […] Read more »

Thank You and Welcome Home

Editor’s note:  The following speech was delivered on Veterans Day, November 11, at Old Landing in Marion.Good morning.             I am Pete O’Brien, I am a retired Marine Corps Infantry Master Gunnery Sergeant, having served on active duty for 27 years, 4 months, and 18 days. Throughout my career, I had the honor and privilege […] Read more »

New Committee to Advise on Memorials

            Ray Hanks was on a mission. He held fast to the concept of identifying Mattapoisett’s deceased veterans, those who perished in combat and those for whom the hands of time ran out. Little did he know that his then-stated mission would flower into his appointment as chairman of the town’s newest advisory committee.             […] Read more »

Bogs Restoration Underway

            For over a decade, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, a membership-supported, nonprofit organization with the stated goals of restoring, protecting and securing sustainable uses of Buzzards Bay and its watershed, has begun the long-awaited restoration of The Bogs.             The watershed itself is a vast area encompassing many hundreds of acres whose geological ecology has […] Read more »

Tri-Towns to Recognize Veterans

             The 2023 Veterans Day ceremonies in the Tri-Town area will be a time to remember those who gave all in service to our country as well as all former and present military personnel. Some towns will place flowers at monuments, while others will offer special veterans meals and social engagement. Here are the planned […] Read more »

Holidays You May Have Forgotten

            If you have been paying very close attention, you will know that the holidays are quickly approaching. I saw my first Christmas shopping ad on television back on October 21. On the 23rd, that big city newspaper north of here ran a 36-point, bold-faced headline proclaiming “Just 62 Shopping Days Left“! And on the […] Read more »

A ‘Critically Important’ Choice

            All Medicare recipients, and most people enrolled in health plans through their employers or the Affordable Care Act, have the opportunity to sign up and/or change plans during the annual Open Enrollment Period. For Medicare, this is October 15 through December 7, 2023.             While I am sure you have many things you would […] Read more »