Weeds? Nay, Edible Plants!

            If you walked a mile in Russ Cohen’s shoes, you’d be bent over plucking at all manner of flora, finding there something to eat. Whether scouring the landscapes of urban or suburban sprawl to hiking along woodland trails or seashores, Cohen is going to find a plant that early settlers would have recognized instantly for […] Read more »

Nelson: ORR Tuning into Community, State, Nation

            As Old Rochester Regional Superintendent of Schools Mike Nelson applies the finishing touches to plans for the 2020-21 academic year, he realizes the best-laid plans could turn upside down at a moment’s notice.             “We’re constantly looking at all the data points in our school community,” said Nelson, who spoke with The Wanderer on Monday morning. “We are […] Read more »

Mayflower’s Perilous Atlantic Pilgrimage

            The historic, 180-ton, 110-foot Dutch cargo-class square-rigger that carried 135 passengers some grueling 10 weeks at sea across more than 3,000 miles of the world’s deepest and stormiest ocean was not commissioned to carry people at all. However, in 1620 it was contracted from co-owner Christopher Jones by pilgrims tired of religious persecution and willing […] Read more »

Theater En Plein Air and the Visual Arts

            What do you get when your stage play has to move to the great-out-of-doors, it rains, a cement mixer accents pre-performance run-throughs and you have to replace two actors with very short notice?! Oh, and let’s not forget the Zoom auditions.             You get the Marion Art Center’s production of “Good People,” the Tony Award-winning dark […] Read more »

How Can We Live with Sharks?

            For many, the idea of living with sharks is a fairly new phenomenon. After all, sharks like warm water – right? Sharks are not that common around the northeast – right? Most sharks stay in tropical locations – right? Wrong! Spend a little time with well-known and highly-respected shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal, and you’ll […] Read more »

Sometimes Yin but Other Times Yang

            I was having lunch a couple of summers ago with noted double threat Helen Wan, novelist/lawyer, and as I complained about writer’s block and misrepresented my world-class procrastination, she recommended a book called Daily Rituals. I picked up a copy soon after and promptly put off reading it in keeping with my usual, shiftless style.             This […] Read more »

Girls Soccer Players Prep for ORR Season in Mariner League

            Young athletes consistently face jumps in the level of competition throughout their careers. Whether it’s a jump in divisions in town league or making the transition to a travel team, be it club or AAU, they’re constantly forced to adjust on the fly.             But there may not be a bigger jump in competition than the […] Read more »

Ospreys Sightings a Happy Hour for Bird Watchers

            Looking out along the shoreline of Little Bay in Fairhaven, at least several miles in both directions, my wife Jan and I spend late afternoons bird-watching a number of Ospreys’ air acrobatics, plunging down from nearly a hundred feet with a splash below the surface of the water, and then come up clutching a flopping […] Read more »

Parent Group: Online Learning Plan Needs ‘TLC’

            The idea is barely beyond infancy, but by Monday morning, the baby weighed over 400 pounds.             A group called Tri-Town Learning Community (TLC) has formed to estimate and potentially try to address the dilemma that working parents will face when the academic year starts and their children are at school only some of the time. […] Read more »

Building Upon A Strong Foundation

After the loss of her three young children and her husband, feeling lonely, rich and restless, Elizabeth Taber returned to Marion for her final years to enrich the community and “put some snap into her village.” In 1891, under architect Williams Gibbons Preston, Elizabeth’s dream was realized in the Marion Music Hall. A historic and […] Read more »