Rochester Family Swimming for a Cause

            The Williams family of Rochester has done something quite amazing: they have raised over $6,000 for the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC) as Team Splash. On June 22 they, along with 276 other supporters of the BBC mission, entered the waters of the outer harbor at New Bedford’s south-end and swam towards Fairhaven emerging at Fort […] Read more »

Striped Bass Migration

            The striped bass, affectionately called a striper for the dark lines along its side by sportsmen, prefers a water temperature from 55 degrees to 68 degrees. To stay in this range, they migrate both in spring and fall. With the arrival of summer, the spring migration is all but complete in Buzzards Bay, having started […] Read more »

Artist Reveals Essence of Taber Statue

            Marion residents are excited about the arrival of the life-sized bronze statute of its beloved beneficiary Elizabeth Taber next year, and artist Erik Durant who was commissioned to create the sculpture is just as excited to share in the creative process as he transforms an idea into the physical form of the woman who literally […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Land Trust Receives MVP Grant

            The Mattapoisett Land Trust (MLT) scored when they applied for and received a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant. The $960,000 grant is one of the largest distributed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.              The department’s website notes that, “The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant program (MVP) provides support for cities and […] Read more »

Thank You, Mr. Rogers

            Center School has been standing as a beacon of education and, more recently, as support to seniors as the headquarters for the Mattapoisett Council on Aging. And lest we forget, it also houses the offices of the Recreation Department. Built in 1898 with funding by the well-known local philanthropist Henry Huttleston Rogers, Center School has […] Read more »

First Historic Walking Tour a Grand Success

            On June 15, a day that can only be described as a picture-perfect summer’s day, more then 30 people assembled outside the Sippican Historical Society (SHS) Museum and office to embark on the first of three historic walking tours planned in partnership with the Healthy Tri-Town Coalition.             The tour guide was none other than long-time […] Read more »

Flowers as Art – Beyond the Canvas

            Is there a greater beauty given to us mere mortals than in the form of nature itself? Think about the Grand Canyon or maybe even the flowers in your own back garden. If being honest, Mother Nature is the only true artist in the universe. Humans attempt perfection where nature does it naturally. Pun intended!  […] Read more »

Tabor Boy Makes History in Marion Bermuda Race

As Tabor Academy’s flagship SSV Tabor Boy made her exciting and historic start across the starting line of the Marion Bermuda Race on June 14, some history on the vessel seems appropriate.              Tabor Boy is competing one-on-one versus the beautiful and modern tall ship, Spirit of Bermuda. She is entered in the celestial navigation class […] Read more »

Bowman Gives Children Flag Day Message

“You all look amazing,” Principal Rosemary Bowman said tenderly to her Center School students on Friday, June 14, as the school and community members gathered outside beneath the flag pole to celebrate Flag Day. “I have a chill as I gaze out and see each and every one of you. I love the way people […] Read more »

Kiwi Spirit Takes Line, Abigail Leads Class A

            Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (RHADC) BERMUDA, June 18, 2019: Kiwi Spirit was the line honors leader from start to finish in the 2019 Marion Bermuda Race. The Farr 63 finished off St. David’s Lighthouse at 2:27:59 on Tuesday. Francis Seldorff’s Kinship, a Baltic 52, was second across the line at 5:01:02.             Friends and families and volunteers have all […] Read more »