Joshua Slocum: South Coast Global Mariner

When September breezes spank the spinnakers and unfurl the sails to lean the masts into the windward harness of forward motion, they pass in panoramic review along the shoreline toward the end of summer. They also pass by landmarks of shipyards, town wharves, and nautical landings that are lasting cornerstones of an ages old seafaring […] Read more »

ORR Welcomes New Vice Principal

This year, Old Rochester Regional High School has made many changes including the position of vice principal. Former Vice Principal Michael Parker, having taken a position at Old Colony, was recently replaced by James Barrasso. Barrasso, previously from Sturgis Charter School in Hyannis, was thrilled to be given the opportunity to fill the position of […] Read more »


The old photographs are all that remain. There are few family members, if any at all, who had firsthand contact with my long-deceased grandparents. Those of us who may have heard a story or two are getting older. We don’t spend much time talking about our ancestors. Is it true that once the collective conscientious […] Read more »

The Beauty of Traffic Lights and Street Signs

My partner Scott and I love an adventure. We love trying out new things, seeing new places, hiking mountains, and travelling to distant lands. The last time I wrote about one of our adventures, we had just taken out a metal detector on loan from the Mattapoisett Library and had a blast going around the […] Read more »

We Will Never Forget…

It’s likely every firefighter’s mantra, and for them, it’s no fleeting sentiment. It’s like a code of conduct, a way of life, words they live by. When firefighters say, “We will never forget,” they mean it. It’s nearly impossible to forget something that is felt so deeply, the moment the news reaches the ears and […] Read more »

Serving Lunch with a Side of Love

Every Friday a group of ladies gather at the dining hall at The Bay Club in Mattapoisett for lunch, enjoying a nice meal, a few rounds of LCR (Left Center Right), and each other’s company. This past Friday, August 24, these luncheon ladies gathered as they usually do, but this time there was an extra […] Read more »

Henry David Thoreau’s Southcoast Visit

The eminent naturalist, essayist, and author of Walden, or, Life in the Woods, was also a transcendentalist who believed that he could glean from nature the true meaning of God. To do this, he built a one-room cabin at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts on property owned by his transcendentalist friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. Henry […] Read more »

Dancing in the Street at the Marion Town Party

August 25 dawned with clear blue skies and temperatures pleasingly in the mid-70’s, weather that was picture perfect for a Marion tradition – the annual Town Party. No one knows exactly when the first town party was held. When asked, the most common response was, “Gosh I don’t know, it was around when I was […] Read more »

The Succulence of Summer

Biting into the soft ripened flesh of a locally grown peach is a summertime pleasure I look forward to each year. A quick rinse, a bit of rubbing to remove the downy coat peaches wear so proudly before the moment of truth – will it be sweet and succulent or mealy and dry. And what […] Read more »

One for the Ages – the Rochester Country Fair

After threatening a storm all day, the skies finally opened late afternoon Saturday, trapping fairgoers in the main tent to watch the fury of the thunder and lightning. The winds sent tents flying, and some vendors frantically packed their animals or wares into their trucks and hustled home. This reporter’s 4 1/2-year-old son had never […] Read more »