They say the rules of the Cub Scout pinewood derby have changed over the last 65 years about as often as the U.S. Constitution – not very often. Actually, of the 11 official rules of the Boy Scouts of America, eight of them date back to the very first pinewood derby. The first pinewood derby […] Read more »

ATVs Leave Muddy Mess at Washburn Park

The grounds at Washburn Park in Marion have seen better days. The recreational park where many come to play fetch with their dogs, attend horse shows, and play sports has been torn up by ATV tires that left a path of destruction in the form of long and deep tire ruts crisscrossing the fields and […] Read more »

Tri-Town Spared Fallout From ‘Bomb Cyclone’

It was described as a skull-crushing storm by the national press, with an arctic blast so fierce that the ‘bomb cyclone’ was dubbed a ‘bombgenesis’ by meteorologists, and spread across social media like an atomic blitz. On Thursday, January 4, the eastern coastline of Massachusetts and Cape Cod became Ground Zero with snow, flooding, and […] Read more »

Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

Well, the results are in and I may now count myself firmly planted in the baby-boomer population whose aging joints are calling it quits and demanding attention – as in medical intervention. Why I never expected to suffer in this way speaks more to my abject fear of all things medical rather than to my […] Read more »

Robert Burns and “Auld Lang Syne”

The melody and lyrics of this New Year anthem of remembrance or fraternity sung when the clock strikes midnight was first transcribed by Robert Burns in 1788. Burns set the tune to the traditional folklore of another poet, making him co-author of this emblem of a musical year ending soon to be known all over […] Read more »

New Year, New Police Chief

Just in time for the New Year, the Town of Marion’s tenth police chief was sworn in on December 28. Thirty-one-year veteran of the Marion Police Department, Lieutenant John B. Garcia, replaces Chief Lincoln Miller effective December 31. Becoming police chief, Garcia said after the swearing-in ceremony, “is the pinnacle of any law enforcement officer’s […] Read more »

Freezing For a Reason Indeed

The sun was hanging in the sky over Mattapoisett on New Year’s Day 2018 as a hail and hearty group of polar plungers and their supporters gathered at the Mattapoisett Town Beach for the annual charity event Freezin’ For A Reason. In spite of record-cold temperatures, ocean water recorded at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and a […] Read more »

Tri-Town: A Year in Review

One of the highlights of each year for me is standing before the bookshelf in my study and beholding the completed collection of the entire year’s issues of The Wanderer – 51 to be exact, with one online-only edition, which this year happens to be the one you are now reading. It’s a moment of […] Read more »

The Gift Of Giving Year-round

On December 29 as many people hunkered down grateful for a warm home, plentiful plates of food and enjoying the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Day, others were working hard to provide basic shelter and a hot cup of coffee to the growing number of homeless and disenfranchised people in the greater New Bedford […] Read more »

ORR Tech Program is ‘Flying High’

When it comes to the evolution of technology and engineering at Old Rochester Regional, the sky’s the limit. Literally. And the school district and ORR School Committee couldn’t be happier – after all, the ingenuity of some of the engineering students and their teacher has already won the high school $25,000 in prize money that […] Read more »