Sippican School Principal Announces Retirement

Sippican School Principal Evelyn Rivet announced on December 20 that she would retire at the end of the school year. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your children with me,” Rivet said in a letter she sent to parents on Friday. “…[I]t has been a special blessing in the […] Read more »

It’s Coming on Christmas

Everywhere I go now, every social media platform, every radio station, every retail outlet, the faint drumbeat is getting louder – it’s coming on Christmas. Of all the holidays and happy event occasions we traditionally celebrate, Christmas is the hardest. Etched deep within my aging brain are all those images of childhood Christmases spent living […] Read more »

RMS Sets the Stage for the Holidays

The young musicians of Rochester Memorial School ‘Decked the Halls’ and then played to a colorfully dressed audience of students, staff, and parents on Thursday, December 20. Choral Music teacher Sue Audette encouraged everyone to sing along and the joyful sound was enough to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Meanwhile, the 5th and 6th […] Read more »

Locals Keep Beloved Sippican Harbor Tree Tradition

            It’s back! If you’ve stopped by Silvershell Beach in Marion recently, then you’ve probably seen the Christmas tree out on the block in the harbor. It’s a notable return for townies, but also somewhat of a mystery to many in regards to its origin. According to Dan Crete, “It’s sort of a cobbler’s-kids-have-no-shoes story.” […] Read more »

Christmas Day Swim – Hands and Hooves United

The joy and excitement was palpable as Christmas morning swimmers and their vocal supporters lined the beach in Mattapoisett on December 25, 2018. For the fifteenth year, the festive and fun Christmas Swim, a fundraiser for Helping Hands and Hooves, brought out family and friends who have made this event part of their holiday celebration. […] Read more »

This Imperfect Christmas

Some people’s love of the holiday season is obvious. They put their tree up before Thanksgiving, smother their house in lights, and still send Christmas cards out to every person they’ve ever met. Their blatant love of Christmas hits you over the head with the hard density of a begrudgingly re-gifted fruitcake. I too love […] Read more »

Listen to the Mockingbird

The Northern mockingbird, formerly a southern bird, has now gradually increased its habitat northward to become a common year-round phenomenon to most of New England, with only a minor migration south for winter to be enjoyed as one of the true singers of our natural world. It is classified in Latin as Mimus polyglottos, meaning […] Read more »

Committee Extinguishes Pipe Plan for Taber Statue

In response to the Marion Board of Health’s objection to a statue of Elizabeth Taber holding her smoking pipe, the Sippican Historical Society has decided to consider the board’s request and extinguish the plan to include the pipe in the life-sized bronze statue of Marion’s benefactor. In a letter to the Board of Health, Judith […] Read more »

Couple Keeps Holiday Tradition Alive in Marion

December 9 was the 25thyear of the Marion Holiday Stroll, an event originally conceptualized as a festive way for village businesses to give back to the communities they serve and that patronize their establishments. Which is why the Holiday Stroll is more than the extraordinary arrival of Santa via lobster boat and his grand tour […] Read more »

The U.S. Auxiliary Coast Guard: A Short Overview

The U.S. Auxiliary Coast Guard was founded by two acts of congress, first in1939 to replace the Coast Guard Reserve, and then in 1941 to establish the organization to promote and protect recreational boating safety in all coastal regions of the 50 states and its territories. As a national organization, it is divided into regional […] Read more »