Photography Through Time and Lens

The ground floor meeting room at the Mattapoisett Public Library was packed to nearly overflowing on October 28 when local artist and photographer Liz Waring stepped up to the podium to give her presentation “Focus On Photos.” Waring, who holds a degree in fine arts, is no stranger to public speaking and clearly was in […] Read more »

OC Wows Old Hammondtown with Robotics

“This is going to be great. The kids are really excited,” said Lisa Lourenco, Mattapoisett Schools’ technology teacher, accurately predicting what would happen in her Tech Education classroom once the robotics delegation arrived from Old Colony Vocational Technical High School. The visit began that morning with an introduction by sophomore Austin DeSousa, who explained the […] Read more »

The Boy Who Was Afraid of Halloween

There was a little boy who was afraid of Halloween. Not just of the shrieking ghost and ghastly ghouls of the season, but even of the trick-or-treaters who came to his door. Who knew what lay behind those masks? Certainly not the kids next door! He was afraid of it all, from the decorations to […] Read more »

Our Halloween Cover Contest Winner…

The Wanderer wishes to congratulate the winner of the 2018 Halloween cover contest, Charlotte Lucas from Wareham! Lucas’ painting of a spooky, possibly haunted house on a dark, stormy night titled “Trick or Treat?” garnered the most online votes winning her $100 cash. In all, there were 22 spooktacular submissions, all of them worthy of […] Read more »

The Not-So-Popular Pigeon

The everyday ordinary pigeon frequently flying over our heads, along roadside travels, or perched on the roofs of neighborhood barns and buildings, is actually classified as a rock dove. It is named for nesting and perching on rocky ledges, and under bridges and outcroppings. Not native to this country, it is a descendant of birds […] Read more »

Hearing, Seeing, and Feeling the Artistic Theme

Poets and painters, poets and photographers, poets and moviemakers – poets and all manners of visual arts – were paired, studied, and understood more fully when Dr. Josephine Yu gave an insightful and inspiring presentation titled “Sister Acts: A Discussion of Poetry and Paintings” on October 19 at the Mattapoisett Public Library. Yu, a professor […] Read more »

Shark Expert a Big Catch for Sippican Fundraiser

Sixth grade events can be costly at Sippican School in Marion. The expenses associated with the annual events planned for this year’s 6thgrade class are anticipated to run an estimated $22,000. To offset the financial burden to parents, there’s a great amount of fundraising involved. For the first time in years, the Sippican 6thgrade class […] Read more »

At RMS it was Trunk and’ Treat

They might call it “Trunk or Treat,” but at Rochester Memorial School on October 20, it could have been called “Trunk andTreat” with the way some of the participants treated the kids to an entire Halloween experience in itself from the back of their vehicles that sunny late Saturday afternoon. Spooky music, talking ghoulish dolls, […] Read more »

Artistic Interpretations of Land Trust Properties

Wooded vistas, marshlands, trails thickly padded by fallen leaves, birds at rest, colors in shadow and light, the surprise of unexpected objects adorning a tree… The Marion Art Center’s show “The Lands of the Sippican Lands Trust” features all of these images and so much more, now on display through November 12. The show is […] Read more »

Buzzards Bay Coalition Opens New Marion Center

Situated at the intersection of Spring Street and Route 6 – where once stood a building that housed a hardware store and then a café and suffered greatly from decades of hard use followed by years of neglect – there now stands a gleaming temple to environmental stewardship. The Buzzards Bay Coalition celebrated the opening […] Read more »