ConCom Looks at Swimming in Leonard’s Pond

If you’ve been wondering whether or not public swimming is allowed at Leonard’s Pond in Rochester, you are not alone. Several Rochester residents have been wondering that very question, and have taken to Facebook, catching the attention of Rochester Conservation Commission member Laurene Gerrior. The topic of members of the public swimming in Leonard’s Pond […] Read more »

Marion Police Sergeant Placed on Administrative Leave

Town Administrator Paul Dawson and Police Chief John Garcia are releasing the following statement to the public: “The Marion Police Department has been made aware of a multi-jurisdictional investigation in Bristol County that may impact a member of this department and his conduct related to the performance of his duties as a Marion Police Officer. […] Read more »

Board, Highway Supt. Disagree Over Cul-De-Sac

There are cul-de-sacs and there are “fake” cul-de-sacs, explained Mattapoisett Highway Surveyor Barry Denham on August 6, and the one proposed for Snow Fields Estates is a fake one, Denham said, taking a firm stand against what he perceives as a roadway plan that favors Snow Fields Estates while plowing past regulations. Denham listed his […] Read more »

Planning Board Hears Bike Path Proposal

The Marion Planning Board listened to John Rockwell on August 6 as he presented the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission’s proposal for a bike path along Point Road and a summary of the results of their Open Space and Recreation Survey. Rockwell began his presentation by providing context for the bike path proposal, reminding the […] Read more »

Recycling Costs Pile Up in Rochester

Whatever Rochester residents are tossing into their recycling bins is causing a steady rise in disposal fees, costs that every month are ever-increasing as dirty recycling continues causing problems. During the August 6 Rochester Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar pleaded with residents to please mind their recycling. The cost of disposing recyclables […] Read more »

ConCom Shows Mercy After Decas Deviates

Rochester Conservation Commission Chairman Michael Conway didn’t trifle with engineer Brian Grady after he explained why Decas Cranberry Co., Inc. deserved a Certificate of Compliance despite having deviated from the approved plan in five different ways. “I think the changes that you made here … are substantial.,” said Conway, ready to reprimand the cranberry growing […] Read more »

Energy Committee Develops Stretch Energy Code

It was all business at the monthly meeting of the Marion Energy Management Committee on July 30 as the group prepared for upcoming sessions with local contractors and residents in preparation for the Fall Town Meeting. The committee is placing an article on the warrant proposing the Town adopt the “Stretch Energy Code,” a bylaw […] Read more »

Talk of Dissolution Baffles Disposal District Reps

Some members of the Carver, Marion, Wareham Regional Refuse Disposal District Committee were perplexed on July 25 when Wareham CMWRRDD Committee member Gary Buckminster suggested the district, as it is structured now, should cease to exist. “I personally feel that the CMW should be no longer,” Buckminster said, raising eyebrows just as the committee had […] Read more »

Doonan Back to ConCom with Aquaculture Plan

The Marion Conservation Commission on July 25 got a preview of Shea Doonan’s latest plan for another aquaculture farm in Marion waters, ahead of the Board of Selectmen’s aquaculture hearing that following Tuesday. The commission couldnot issue a determination that night for Doonan’s Notice of Intent, not without comments from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental […] Read more »

Assessors Investigating Undertaxed Property

The Marion Board of Assessors will be investigating a number of Approval Not Required (ANR) filings of prior years to determine if some properties in town are being undertaxed on underassessed land. Discussion during the July 25 meeting focused mainly on multiple town maps of various properties which appear to have ANR filings; however, noted […] Read more »