Snow Fields is Back to the Drawing Board

On June 18, the Mattapoisett Planning Board and engineer David Davignon debated, discussed, dissected, and, in the end, sent the proposed Snow Field Road two-lot subdivision back to the drawing board. The issue for Davignon, representing Dennis Arsenault, was the current inertia of the project. He needs a plan that, in theory, is acceptable to […] Read more »

RMS to Reassess Homework Policy

Homework. Like skinned knees, bedtimes, and finishing your vegetables, it’s a typical part of the collective childhood experience. The Rochester School Committee, however, wants to revisit the topic of homework, investigate how it is assigned, determine what students are really getting out of it, and decide whether the current homework policy is adequate or antiquated. […] Read more »

Complex Partnership Stalls RDA

It was a bit like putting the cart before the horse on June 11 when Mike Huguenin of the Mattapoisett Land Trust and Jack Sidor of the Buzzards Bay Coalition came before the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission to have a Request for Determination of Applicability filing heard. At issue is an effort on the part of […] Read more »

ORR Adopts Stricter AP, Athletics Requirements

Students interested in Advanced Placement courses and athletics at the high school should check the student handbook at the start of the next school year for updated, stricter policies approved by the Old Rochester Regional School Committee on June 6. Although the practice was adopted four years ago, students who take an AP course will […] Read more »

Trash Heap of Trouble for Marion Waste Disposal

Since the committee for the Carver, Marion, Wareham Regional Refuse Disposal District fired its Executive Director Ray Pickles in January, the dumpster fire that Pickles left behind from years of mismanagement burns on, and the future of trash disposal in Marion is suffused in the smoky uncertainty of pending transfer station closures and pricey stickers […] Read more »

Serious Crash Closes Route 6 in Mattapoisett

A serious accident on Route 6 in Mattapoisett involving three vehicles caused a complete shut down of all four lanes of the state highway during the late morning of Tuesday, June 12. One car was overturned in front of the Mattapoisett police station just before 11:00 am smoking from the engine and debris from the […] Read more »

B.I.G. Grant Sailing to Mattapoisett

Whether you’re an experienced mariner familiar with the winds and tides of Buzzards Bay or just a salty dog who enjoys spending time on the historic wharves that punctuate the seaside village landscape of Mattapoisett, one thing you know for certain – those wharves take a beating. But help may be sailing into the harbor […] Read more »

Subdivision Bylaw Ambiguity Raises Concerns

On June 4 after welcoming Arlene Fidalgo, the newly elected member to the Mattapoisett Planning Board, Chairman Tom Tucker then thanked the other members for their service during his five-month work-related absence. Then it was on to an agenda that contained two highly controversial filings – a multi-lot subdivision proposed on Chapel Road and a […] Read more »

Marion Grows Towards Green Community Status

As the Town of Marion seeks to become a ‘Green Community,’ the Marion Board of Selectmen on June 5 committed to taking the next step towards acceptance into the state program. This means that by going green, Marion could be seeing another shade of green in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars in […] Read more »

Sippican Explores New Approach to Discipline

During a time when most schools are adopting the ‘no tolerance’ policy towards discipline, Sippican School is exploring a new approach that fosters a more positive, conciliatory outcome to conflict that helps students learn from their mistakes and feel included in the process of resolving conflict. Sippican School Assistant Principal Sarah Goerges introduced the concept […] Read more »