Subdivision Hinges on Stormwater Control

            As is the case on many local boards and commissions, those volunteering their time to aid municipalities in such important matters as subdivisions do not always possess technical backgrounds or experience in complicated issues such as soil analysis or threshold rainfall depth for groundwater saturation. Yet, given sufficient total immersion through the public vetting process, […] Read more »

Selectmen Delay Signing Solar PILOT Agreement

The Rochester Board of Selectmen is in no hurry to enter into a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement with Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the solar developer of a solar array field at 268 Mattapoisett Road.             On February 4, Principal Assessor Charles Shea told the selectmen about the disparity he sees between the PILOT […] Read more »

Parking May Be Achilles’ Heel for Proposed Bar

            It was a full house at the Marion Planning Board meeting on February 4 as the board heard the arguments at a public hearing for and against a proposed neighborhood lounge in the village.             Mike Achilles, the applicant for the Minor Site Plan Review and Special Permit to open proposed bar/restaurant at 149/151 Front Street, […] Read more »

Engineers Miss the Mark on Lagoon Cost Estimate

            If the Sewer ratepayers of Marion were unhappy about having to pay for a $2.5 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade by December 1, they will be even unhappier when they hear the actual price is going to be nearly double.             The Marion Board of Selectmen on February 5 was waist-deep in wastewater woe as it […] Read more »

FinCom Wants Revival of Personnel Committee

The Marion Finance Committee made a few tweaks to a letter addressed to the Board of Selectmen on January 29 and is preparing it to inform the selectmen that the committee is interested in reconstituting a Town personnel committee. “There are some personnel decisions we should be involved in,” said Finance Committee Chairman Peter Winters. […] Read more »

ZBA Continues Converse Road Hearing

The Marion Zoning Board of Appeals made quick business of their meeting on January 24. Scheduled before the board this evening was the case of Mark Ross and Margot Mims of 195c Converse Road. Once the required quorum was achieved, Chairman Marc Leblanc called the meeting to order. He read a letter from the applicant’s […] Read more »

Shellfish Habitat Requirement Creates Confusion

Two continued public hearings before the Marion Conservation Commission on January 23 hinged on the vexing question of the distance the Department of Marine Fisheries recommended between the bottom of a float structure and the substrate of Wings Cove. David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates presented the two similar Notices of Intent, located […] Read more »

Eight Continuances Makes for a Short Meeting

On January 28, as three members of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission prepared to hear two cases, it was clear from the agenda that it could have been a long meeting. But with eight cases on the agenda being continued until February 11, those two remaining cases were quickly dispatched. The two cases in question had […] Read more »

Residents Squint at Latest Solar Proposal

The January 22 meeting of the Rochester Planning Board proved to be a long night’s journey under a fading Blood Moon, as three solar array projects came before the members. First up with an informal presentation and discussion of a proposed solar array field on Marion Road located on property owned by Craig Canning, Rochester […] Read more »

School Committee Delays Field Rehab Proposal Vote

No one attending the Old Rochester Regional School Committee meeting on January 17 disagreed that the athletic fields at ORR are in need of improvement, and a facilities subcommittee that night presented its revised and downsized $2 million plan to the ORR School Committee and the public. But the School Committee will hold off on […] Read more »