Upgrades Coming to Old Marina

            On June 24 during the meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission, the public, along with the commissioners, heard about developing plans for improvements and repairs to the former Leisure Shore Marina on Brandt Island.  The marina is now called Brandt Island Marina and is currently owned by David Kaiser who also owns the Mattapoisett Boat Yard […] Read more »

Solar Canopy on the Horizon for ORR

            The Old Rochester Regional School Committee took its first steps towards a possible solar canopy installation for the high school parking lot on June 11.             Representatives on behalf of solar developer SunPower, the country’s largest solar developer with over 33 years in business, gave the committee a presentation on what it has to offer the […] Read more »

Conservation Signs LAND Grant Application

            Deep into the evening of June 18, the Rochester Conservation Commission met with Brendan Annett and Allen Decker of the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC) to discuss the possibility of submitting an application to the state’s Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity (LAND) Grant. The property in question is situated off Walnut Plain Road in the vicinity […] Read more »

Approval? Not Quite Yet.

            On June 17, the Mattapoisett Planning Board once again opened the hearing on Scott Snow’s application for a Form C Definitive Subdivision Plan for five lots to be created at 6 and 8-8R Prospect Road.             At the previous Planning Board meeting held on June 3, the board was not prepared to make decisions on the […] Read more »

BBC Asks Town’s Help to Conserve 109 Acres

            Brendan Annett, vice president of Watershed Protection at the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC), approached the Rochester Board of Selectmen on June 17 asking it to support an application for a LAND Grant from the commonwealth to permanently place 109 acres of land on Walnut Plain Lane under a conservation restriction.             Decas currently owns the land, […] Read more »

Residents to Choose Colors for Curbside Trash Bins

            The Marion Board of Selectmen know that the citizens of Marion love their beautiful community and take the concept of aesthetics seriously, which is why on June 18 the board accepted Town Administrator Jay McGrail’s suggestion of creating a poll for residents to select their favorite color scheme for its new curbside trash and recycling […] Read more »

ConCom to Investigate Water Discharge Concern

            The Marion Conservation Commission, on June 12, decided to respond to one property owner’s request to investigate a drainage pipe that extends from 692 Mill Street under Giffords Road onto an adjacent property owned by Eleanor Mello.             Chairman Jeff Doubrava said he took a look at the pipe that he described as a black plastic […] Read more »

King Will Not Seek Reappointment

            On June 10 as the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission prepared to open their meeting, Chairman Mike King, in an aside to his fellow board members, said that this was his second to last meeting. King said that his appointment to the commission was ending on July 1 when the new fiscal year began and that he […] Read more »

Shady Updates for Some Solar Farms

            The Rochester Planning Board finished quickly with its business on the June 11 agenda with the continuation of two public hearings and the closing of one uncomplicated application, leaving plenty of time for some solar project updates needing attention.             After giving Town Planner Steve Starrett some flak for vouchers seeking reimbursement for an over $200 […] Read more »

Library Roof Repairs Prove More Extensive

            The roof repair work at the Taber Library went a bit over budget, resulting in the Marion Finance Committee approving a Reserve Fund transfer for $16,000 to cover the excess cost.             Finance Director Judy Mooney reported that while Facilities Director Shaun Cormier and his employees were on the roof repairing the cupola and replacing the […] Read more »