Residents Squint at Latest Solar Proposal

The January 22 meeting of the Rochester Planning Board proved to be a long night’s journey under a fading Blood Moon, as three solar array projects came before the members. First up with an informal presentation and discussion of a proposed solar array field on Marion Road located on property owned by Craig Canning, Rochester […] Read more »

School Committee Delays Field Rehab Proposal Vote

No one attending the Old Rochester Regional School Committee meeting on January 17 disagreed that the athletic fields at ORR are in need of improvement, and a facilities subcommittee that night presented its revised and downsized $2 million plan to the ORR School Committee and the public. But the School Committee will hold off on […] Read more »

Waterways Fees Increasing in Marion

Fees for recreational boaters in Marion are going up this fiscal year in order to fund a long-range 10-13-year plan to replace the harbormaster’s main patrol boat. Harbormaster Isaac Perry presented his proposed fee hikes to the Marion Board of Selectmen on January 22, which resulted in approval of the fees that will result in […] Read more »

Committee Seeks Public Input for Safety Upgrades

Mattapoisett Town Administrator Michael Gagne explained to the Board of Selectmen on January 22 the Bike/Ped Committee’s approach to the Tier 2 Complete Streets process. The committee has scheduled two dates for public input workshops to help prioritize the projects proposed for the Complete Streets grant funding. Mattapoisett recently was accepted as a Tier 1 […] Read more »

Mattapoisett to Enlist Seniors to Inspect Recycling

Mattapoisett residents are being asked to improve their recycling practices ahead of a new program that entails a curbside visual inspection of residents’ recycling bins on recycling day. But don’t start calling them the “recycling police” just yet. Mattapoisett Health Agent Dale Barrows intends on soliciting the services of some active seniors who sign up […] Read more »

Sorry, BOH … Taber Statue Keeps Her Pipe

Over the past three years, the Marion Board of Health has banned ‘vaping’ in addition to smoking in public spaces and raised the minimum age to buy cigarettes and nicotine products to 21 before the state mandate. And even today, the board is still bent on pursuing a town-wide prohibition of flavored nicotine and tobacco […] Read more »

Marion Considers March School Break Study

The majority of school districts in the region continue the tradition of a school break week in February and April, but a discussion on January 9 showed Marion School Committee support for a study on the possibility of attempting a two-weeklong March break. Sippican School Principal Lyn Rivet said the Sippican School Council discussed combining […] Read more »

Bay Club Presents Long List of Applications

            With a tall stack of project folders towering before him, Mike King, chairman of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission, made the command decision to take public hearings out of order from the agenda in an effort to expedite matters before the commission. “Looks like we won’t be getting home before 9 tonight,” he commented to […] Read more »

Selectmen Allow 40R Application to Advance

The Rochester Board of Selectmen on January 14 approved allowing developer Steen Realty Development Corp to take the preliminary steps in the state permitting process to build 208 units on Cranberry Highway, a project known as a 40R affordable housing development. After a well-attended public forum on the proposed development earlier in January, selectmen and […] Read more »

FinCom Chair is a “(Bleep)”

Matters involving money are often tense. Add in pressure from an impending municipal budget season and consternation over a couple town employee raises well above the average 2.5 percent that municipal workers usually anticipate, and it might even start resembling the early rumblings of a bar brawl. Now you have an idea of how the […] Read more »