The Hybrid Tiger Trout

            The popular sporting trout, the hybrid tiger trout, is named not because of the tiger-like coloring and zigzag pattern of interlocking markings from head to tail, as illustrated. The tiger is an artificial insemination hybrid crossbreed species from female brown trout eggs fertilized by male brook trout sperm, or milt. The purpose of crossbreeding is […] Read more »

Old Middleboro Road Solar Project Reemerges

            A proposed Middleboro Road solar farm that made its first appearance about a year ago is no longer just a speck on the horizon.             Developer Solar MA Project Management, LLC, has been meeting informally with the Rochester Planning Board for some weeks now and reappeared onto the public stage September 24 during the board’s regular […] Read more »

Town Meeting Revisits Marijuana Bylaw Amendments

            Before plowing into the long list of subjects that the Mattapoisett Finance Committee will be reviewing ahead of the October 21 Fall Special Town Meeting, Town Administrator Michael Gagne announced that amendments to the town’s Zoning Bylaws related to the industrial cultivation of marijuana and the production of marijuana products both for retail and medical […] Read more »

Tall Task Ahead of ORR Football After 2018

            After an impressive 2017 campaign, Old Rochester Regional football maintained itself as one of the top Division 6 teams in all of Massachusetts in 2018, grinding all the way to the Div. 6 Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium.             The program, however, looks a little different now.             Justin Kogler is no longer running the show after […] Read more »