Mattapoisett Annual Town Election Information

The Board of Selectmen has voted to reschedule the Annual Town Election to Tuesday, June 16. The polls will be open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm at Old Hammondtown School.  Because of the COVID19 pandemic, the rules regarding absentee voting have been relaxed. Voters concerned about the public health situation can cite that as a reason […] Read more »

Surviving COVID-19: One Family’s Story

            Every day across the globe, people are facing an illness whose insidious symptoms can mimic a common cold, seasonal flu, or possibly give no warning at all – COVID-19.             The numbers associated with victims of this disease are as abstract as they are horrifying. But government agencies require data to help form policy, deploy services, […] Read more »

Mother Nature Provides a Hopeful Light

            The rainy spring weather-prediction adage, “April showers bring May flowers,” finally came true along my driveway.             The forsythia bushes were first to bloom. Then daffodils pushed up their stems out of the wet ground to nod the floral-tubed heads of flowers in approval of tepid, sun-warmed breezes. My lawn then turned green, attracting Canada geese […] Read more »

Local AD’s, MIAA Holding Out Hope for 2020 Spring Season

            The high school spring sports season was supposed to start on Monday. Then when the NBA suspended its season because a Utah Jazz player preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19, other professional leagues followed suit. Then the NCAA canceled the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, and the organization also called off the spring season. Then high […] Read more »