Why I Resigned

To the Editor;             Why I resigned from Tri-town Against Racism (TTAR)             For the last forty-two years of my life my primary goal has been to lead a life that would lead God to say to me, when I stand before Him, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I am, and have always […] Read more »

Building a Taj Mahal on Sippican Harbor

To the Editor;             Building a Taj Mahal on Sippican Harbor             There was a great turn out for the presentation on the proposed Maritime Center.  While the public was generally positive, discussion regarding the size of the building, the amount of office space, and the proposed uses was noticeably missing.               It will have a footprint of 5,343 […] Read more »

Keeping Marion Affordable

To the Editor;             Keeping Marion Affordable             People ask me why I sometimes say Marion is in financial trouble.  The answer is we are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many of our citizens.  Not only are our real estate taxes going up, but one only has to look at the sharp increases in our recent water and sewer bills […] Read more »

Black Lives Matter

To the Editor:             I am concerned that many White people support the BLM organization without having done any research into exactly what their goals are. I am not talking about the “black lives matter” slogan, but the BLM organization. I urge you to go to the BLM website to learn about their platform. A […] Read more »

To the Editor;             I write to Thank You for the gift that is Marilou Newell’s writing.  Her articles about “The Mattapoisett Life” are always so beautifully written and so much fun to read!  Although I’m loathe to admit I, too, am of a ‘certain age’; her stories deeply resonate and take me back to a time that […] Read more »

Postal Services

To the Editor:             As a longtime member of our local League of Women Voters which has always promoted free and fair elections, I am outraged by the recent moves by this Administration to curtail the services of the United States Postal System.  Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you too should be outraged.             The […] Read more »

School Plans

To the Editor;             I am writing to express my concern about the one size fits all approach to reopening schools. The current plan grants all student age groups the same access to in-person instruction, specifically discounting a tiered approach by age. Why are we treating our 5 & 6-year old students the same as our […] Read more »

Ask for Ethanol-Free Gasoline

To the Editor;             Ask for Ethanol-Free Gasoline             It’s that time again. A couple of days of heavy rain have spurred your lawn to rapid growth; the mower needs to be dragged out of the garage. You tug on the starter cord once, twice, three times, then… nothing. A little triage tells you that the carburetor […] Read more »


Dear Editor,             Counting everyone in our town thru the CENSUS 2020 will greatly benefit our community for schools, roads and public services. It will also affect emergency needs and the number of seats in the US House of Rep. and your political Rep. at all levels of government. Please take a few minutes and do […] Read more »

Tri-Town Against Racism

To the Editor;             The leadership team of Tri-Town Against Racism (TTAR) is grateful to the residents of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester who have shown us such overwhelming love and support by trusting us with their stories, donating funds, and the many, many book donations. It may appear that not much is happening at this time, […] Read more »