Marion Community Preservation Committee

To the Editor;             I have been a member of the Marion Community Preservation Committee (CPC) for the past 9 years, its Chair for the past 6 years. I understand that there was a great deal of discussion regarding the CPA articles and process at our recent Annual Town Meeting. Unfortunately, I was traveling on […] Read more »

Bike Safety

To the Editor             Bikes are tools for freedom and fun; They are not toys. Like downhill skis they are designed equipment for particular “courses.” They must be used responsibly or people get hurt. The Mattapoisett Rail Trail is a SHARED use path: Please be aware of the numerous pedestrians.             I’m writing this out […] Read more »

26 County Road

To Mattapoisett Select Board,             On December 1, 2022, Sky Development Ltd. submitted a proposal per the requirements of the RFP#22-26 to develop the former fire station at 26 County Road into a full scale grocery store.             Pursuant to the RPF a Purchase and Sale should have been provided by January 31, 2023. On […] Read more »

Financial Interest

To the Editor;             On April 20, 2023, The Mattapoisett Select Board met with the Town’s Finance Committee to review, among many items, an Article on the Warrant for Town Meeting on May 8, 2023 addressing elected officers’ compensation. One of those Elected Officers who has requested a raise in their yearly salary from $80,000 […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Selectboard

To the Editor;             I am writing in response to William Nussbaum’s letter, which was published in the April 13th edition of The Wanderer on behalf of the Mattapoisett Selectboard. First off, we welcome you to Mattapoisett, it is a great Town and we know you will enjoy living here.             I know you have […] Read more »


Dear Editor,             I would like to talk about values. Values serve as a guide for human behavior and here are some examples of Values. Honesty, the quality of being honest. Integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness Kindness, the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate Generosity, the […] Read more »

Nip Bottles

To the Editor             The annual Mattapoisett town meeting approaches and this gathering will afford us all an opportunity to remedy the serious litter problem and public nuisance that has long accompanied the sale of nips. A warrant article will ask voters to ban the sale of these miniature liquor bottles which, as we all […] Read more »

An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Jordan C. Collyer, Jodi Lynn Bauer and R. Tyler Macallister:             I am communicating with you using an open letter because none of you has responded to the letter I mailed to you on March 13 or even acknowledged receiving it. Nor have you or anyone at Town Hall acting on […] Read more »

Racial Bullying

Dear Editor,             I have lived in this nice little town of Mattapoisett for a little over 24 years. Recently I was very disappointed in hearing about certain issues that are going on in our schools, and what this is doing to certain students.             First Issue being racial bullying in our schools.             Second […] Read more »

The Poet X

To the Editor:             The Poet X is a book that contains a sexually charged poem about masturbation, and it is being taught inside an 8th grade English class at ORR Junior High School. The kids in class are only 13-14. What on earth is going on??             The same book also contains a passage […] Read more »