Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals

Dear Editor,             Appreciation goes out to the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals for their decision on Thursday, November 21, 2019 to deny the application to construct a solar panel array in a rural residential area off Bowman Road. There were numerous factors that had to be considered in their decision and I feel that the […] Read more »


To the Editor:             In a November 21 Wanderer story about Tabor Academy’s petition to the ZBA for field lights, the reporter quoted me saying something negative about Tabor headmaster John Quirk. I never made those comments.  I never would make those comments.  They were made by another attendee sitting next to me.             The reporter was sitting a […] Read more »

Tabor Playing Field Lights

To the Editor;             Two of your Selectmen attended the ZBA meeting last Thursday evening at which Tabor was seeking approval for lights on their playing field along Spring St. Due to the open meeting rules, I have not discussed the ZBA meeting with either of my fellow Selectmen, so what I express here is my […] Read more »

Thank you Mattapoisett

To the Editor;             Thank you Mattapoisett. I would like to thank and congratulate all of the two hundred and fourteen voters who voted “no” on the town meeting “floor” to defeat Article One: Adult use marijuana establishments. Thank you again for a very good job!!  Extremely well done.              Thankfully,  George Randall, Mattapoisett Read more »

Mattapoisett Town Meeting

To the Editor:             I am writing to urge the residents of Mattapoisett vote NO at the special town meeting November 4th on the proposed marijuana zoning bylaw amendments.             Although the Planning Board voted 3-1 to approve the amendment at the open hearing on October 7th, the one absent member had voted in opposition at the […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Special Town Meeting

To the Editor:             “A stitch in time saves nine” this is so very true! -very short notice?             A special town meeting has been called for November 4th for a proposed By-law change on recreational marijuana.  This By-law passed at our Annual Town Meeting in May.  The call to duty is out. If you love your drug free […] Read more »

Tabor Academy

To the Editor:             Tabor Academy is reportedly on the verge (next month) of tearing down one of Marion’s most impressive and important historic homes after deliberately letting it run down since purchasing it in 2008. 192 Front Street was designed by one of America’s foremost architects and Marion summer resident, H.H. Richardson in 1881 for […] Read more »

Civic Duty in the Trash?

To the Editor;             Civic Duty in the Trash?             First of all, thank you for your time.             Over a year ago now, a handful of parents, led by our young students, took on the overdue task of implementing recycling and composting in the lunch room of Sippican Elementary School.  (Yes, it is 2019 and this is not […] Read more »

Safe Driving

To the Editor;             DANGER! Rt. 6 MATTAPOISETT SPEEDWAY! I survived a high-speed rear end collision 50 feet west from Turk’s parking lot on September 23, 7:20 am. Thanks to seat belts and air bags and a strong Nissan Rogue, I and my dog survived!             The driver of the high speed vehicle was distracted by her […] Read more »

Sippican Historical Society

To the Editor:             In March of 1819 Congress appropriated money to establish a lighthouse on Bird Island. On Saturday, September 14, 2019 the Marion Harbormaster’s Department hosted at the Music Hall a Bicentennial Celebration of the Bird Island Light and Signal.              It was a grand event and all responsible should be congratulated for a job […] Read more »