To the Editor;             In the January 30 Letters to the Editor page (A16) of the Wall Street Journal, under the heading “Covid, the Spanish Flu and Return of History,” appears the following paragraphs:             “We deal with the immediate in this country. Little time is spent in reflection, or of understanding the past. That […] Read more »

Joint School Committee

To the Editor:             After hearing Joe Pires speak at the end of the Joint School Committee meeting on 1/19 and reading his statement in the Facebook group, Tri-Town Buzz on 1/24, I feel compelled to respond.             My name is Alison Noyce, I am a founding member and the president of Tri-Town against Racism […] Read more »

Nitrogen Issues

Dear Editor:             The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is proposing a set of rules that would require homeowners on the SouthCoast, Cape Cod, and the islands to replace their septic systems with the latest nitrogen-filtering technology to reduce nitrogen-rich wastewater runoff that stimulates algae growth harmful to plants and animals in local waters. Before […] Read more »

Good Friday

To the Editor:             I was quite disappointed to see that the ORR Joint School Committee voted to make Good Friday a full school day for the 2023-2024 school year.             ORR already tried to make Good Friday a school day back in 2014. Hundreds of residents publicly objected to the change at the time, […] Read more »

We the People

To the Editor;             Are “We the People” Really Being Represented? In our democracy, We the People periodically elect fellow citizens (politicians) to represent us in the Halls of Congress, the White House and in our state government. But are our elected political leaders really representing us or are they beholden to the monied interests […] Read more »

LGBTQ Students

To the Editor             Thank you Tom and Frances Kearns, for your strength in speaking truth to power. Over the past few months, we have been increasingly concerned at the reports of racial bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students in our Mattapoisett schools and on the school buses. Additionally, we are alarmed at the attempts […] Read more »

Gender Queer

To the Editor;             Gender Queer is not a “regular” book with text. It is a 240-page graphic novel (like a large comic book), and its explicit illustrations of sex acts – which are arguably pornographic – should have no place in any school in ORR.             I read Gender Queer from cover to cover. […] Read more »

District School Committee

Dear Editor,             During the 14 December 2022 District School Committee meeting, Joseph Pires an elected representative of the Old Rochester School District made comments during the Equity Subcommittee report proposing that hate speech directed at members of his community be elevated to public discourse and considered when shaping district policy. This is appalling. The […] Read more »

Marion Garden Group

To the Editor,             We wish to thank everyone who participated in the Annual Holiday Boutique at the Marion Music Hall last Saturday. Members of the Marion Garden Group had been making unique ornaments and other decorations for months, and then arrangements of fresh greens were created in a week along with embellished wreaths, swags, […] Read more »

Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals

To the Editor;             Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals Clarification. Based on some recent postings, it is clear that there is a misunderstanding of the role of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA.) The ZBA is made up of un-paid individuals appointed by the Select Board. The current members of the ZBA are all professionals […] Read more »