Burying Utilities

To The Editor:             Recently our Town Administrator and the Select Board delivered a letter and survey to the residents of Marion/Beacon/Water/Main streets regarding proposals to bury utility lines on some portions of that route, as part of the road reconstruction project. The letter suggested only those residents (the abutters) would have to pay all […] Read more »

Marion Fireworks

Dear Marion Community,             On behalf of the Marion Select Board and Fireworks Committee, we would like to thank all of those who had a hand in making our annual fireworks display and community event possible. This yearlong effort is put together by dozens of volunteers, town employees, public safety staff, vendors, and local groups […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Trees

To the Editor             Thank you to everyone who attended the DOT hearing on June 18th and to those who submitted questions which were due last week. The Town is moving forward with good discussions at the Select Board Meetings on the formation of a Committee to assist the Select Board on this road project […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Trees

To the Editor:             The undersigned have earned our standing as “tree-huggers” through many hours of volunteer work with the Mattapoisett Land Trust.  But we think the concerns expressed about 27 trees to be lost as part of the Town’s proposed road improvement project along Main/Water/Beacon/Marion Road are misplaced. While we too mourn the loss […] Read more »

Road Reconstruction Project

To The Editor;             It is important for Mattapoisett residents to attend MassDOT’s meeting about our Road Reconstruction project. The date, time and location are Tuesday June 18 at 6:30 -7:30 PM at the Old Rochester High School Auditorium, as listed in the legal notices and on the Town website. The Public Informational Meeting, planned […] Read more »

To the Editor;             Regarding the news report “House Ablaze Was About To Close,” Volume 33 dated May 30, 2024, It was reported that I was a former fire chief of the Marion Fire Department which was then under command of Chief Brian Jakvony at the scene of the fire.             Although I served a […] Read more »

Rochester Elections

To the Editor;             I’m writing to express my concern that this year’s election was poorly conducted and has eroded my faith in the process here in Rochester. First we experienced misprinted mail in ballots. The original mail in ballots said “vote for one” in the RMS School Committee Race and vote for one in […] Read more »

Bike Path

Dear Editor of The Wanderer;             It’s not often people say thanks enough for something special. This letter is one we hope will convey our thanks for something very special in Mattapoisett.             We wanted to deeply convey and express our thanks and gratitude for the beautiful addition to our town with the extension of […] Read more »

Citizen’s Petition

To the Editor;             The Mattapoisett Annual Town Meeting is Monday May 13 at 6:30pm at ORR High School auditorium. I am asking that all residents and taxpayers to please attend the Annual Town Meeting. A citizen’s petition Article 23 will be on the warrant. This Article 23, not supported by the Mattapoisett Planning Board […] Read more »

ORR Facilities

Dear Editor             As the Mattapoisett representative on the ORR Facilities Subcommittee for four years, with over 20 years of engineering experience, I must address a critical matter concerning our district schools and community. Our recent subcommittee meetings rigorously reviewed a bond proposal for essential repairs and maintenance of school infrastructure, particularly focusing on HVAC […] Read more »