Senior Thanksgiving Dinner

To the Editor;             I had the pleasure of attending the senior thanksgiving dinner at the junior high school last Sunday. I wish to compliment the students who served the dinners and passed out the door prizes. And, the door greeters who guided us into the door dining area. The smiles on their faces and […] Read more »

Village Road Project

Dear Editors,             I have been an active citizen participant in developing the Village Road Project for some time. There is yet a long way to go. However, a recent vote of the Mattapoisett Select Board to eliminate our heritage oak trees along Water Street seems very much like a step backward.             Trees and […] Read more »

Trees and the Main Street to Marion Road

To the Editor,             The November 14th meeting of the Mattapoisett Select Board concerning Trees and the Main Street to Marion Road project is not a consensus. The public should be made aware that the Select Board’s vote to approve Proposal 4, with sidewalks added to the south side, will require the removal of many […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Town Meeting

To the Editor             What a great ten days for the Town of Mattapoisett. At the November 6th Town Meeting we brought closure to matters surrounding Tinkham Forest – following twenty years of discussion, debate and votes dealing with the preservation of the Forest and access to the Forest. Town meeting also approved significant funds […] Read more »

World War II

To The Editor:             There is an old saying about history repeating itself, and it certainly was true in the 20th century. The brave souls in World War I were responsible for preserving the freedom enjoyed by the Americans living back then. I remember when the last of those World War I vets passed into […] Read more »

Special Town Meeting

To the Editor:             Mattapoisett will hold a Special Town Meeting on Monday, November 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the Old Rochester Regional High School. Article 7 asks voters to accept the proposed layout of Old Slough Road so that the Town may complete the restoration of this road for use as an emergency access […] Read more »

Harbormaster’s Office

To The Editor:             A letter from the Marine Resources Commission attempted “to correct some of the misinformation” concerning taxpayer monies and the proposed new Harbormaster’s office.             The writer claims that “First and foremost, the design and construction…is completely funded through grants and harbor fees.” All government grants, whether federal, state, or local are […] Read more »

Harbormasters Office

To The Editor:             Opinion – Rebuttal…Taxpayers should reconsider new Harbormasters office.             In all reasonable discourse, the key to any position is the understanding and proper use of the facts. In a recent Opinion piece, “Taxpayers should reconsider the new Harbormasters office” the writer seems unclear of the applicable facts. We would like to […] Read more »

Climate Change

Dear Editor:             These past few years have shown an increase in extreme weather events across the globe: heat waves, wildfires, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and Sea Level Rise. So far this year, the U.S. has experienced a record fifteen extreme weather disasters totaling nearly $40 billion.             Insurance premiums are skyrocketing as climate risk […] Read more »


To the Editor;             I say bravo to folks like Beverly Baccelli, Nicky Osborne, and the Mattapoisett Democratic Committee, who are trying to protect our rights and freedoms by exposing the true motives behind groups like the Massachusetts Family Institute rather than by sinking to the appallingly outrageous character assassination seen in the recent letter […] Read more »