St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church

To the Editor;             I think I have a lot of company when I admit that 2021 has been the pits!! I’m a firm believer that we all hit tough times in our lives, but 2021 really takes the cake. After all, none of us can escape the ongoing threat of Covid and the nightly […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor;             The family of Wesley Bowman would like to thank everyone who reached out to us during this very difficult time. It has been comforting to know that our dad was loved by so many. The show of support at his service, including the Highway Department trucks he loved so much, was […] Read more »

Southcoast Medical Community

To the Editor;             I and also current, former and retired members of the Southcoast medical community, are writing to implore the Southcoast Board of Trustees to remove Keith Hovan from the role of CEO and President of Southcoast Hospitals. Hovan’s actions at his residence on November 6, 2021 demonstrate that he is unfit to […] Read more »

Climate Change

To The Editor,             If the planet is to be saved, action must begin at home, and with that in mind, I have submitted the following letter to Marion’s Select Board.              Dear Chairman Norman Hills and Board Members,             Our angry climate is screaming for an end to our combustion of fossil fuels. This […] Read more »

Elizabeth Taber Library

Dear Editor,             We at the Elizabeth Taber Library would like to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks for the Sippican Historical Society’s  willingness to pay for the repair of our beautiful antique grandfather clock from Elizabeth Taber’s estate.              This lovely clock graces the library’s main room and stands next to the portrait of our […] Read more »

Climate change is real

Dear Respected Editor,             Climate change is real. The discussion of whether this is a natural or anthropogenic event is no longer pertinent to the discussion about how to combat it. For four years we heard a lot about a specific wall and less about the seawall barriers being constructed to protect coastal cities such […] Read more »

Evening on Sippican Harbor

To the Editor:             Although threatened by Hurricane Ida up to an hour before the event, she bypassed us and close to 300 guests were able to enjoy the Second Evening on Sippican Harbor at one of Marion’s beautiful historic waterfront homes. It was an evening of community, to enjoy one another’s company while providing […] Read more »

Rochester Solar

To the Editor;             Rochester must reject more ground-mounted solar projects. Like Wareham, Carver, and other small towns, Rochester is targeted as a sacrifice zone for Governor Baker’s misguided solar program. It is insanity to kill forests, destroy Native American cultural sites, fill wetlands, pollute water, kill endangered eastern box turtles and say we are […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor;             Thank you to Representative William (Bill) Keating, Democratic representative serving the 9th Congressional District, for recently joining five (5) other Massachusetts Congressional Representatives as a co-sponsor of House Joint Resolution 48 (HJR-48).             The Resolution’s language closely matches that of the State’s “We the People Act” which is presently being considered […] Read more »

Rochester Master Plan

To the Editor;             The Town of Rochester has always done a fabulous job in maintaining the rural character of the community. The Planning Board and the Conservation Commission have worked tirelessly and diligently in balancing new growth with Rochester’s scenic, pastoral and historic nature. I commend and thank all the various board and committee […] Read more »