Friends of the Elizabeth Taber Library

To the Editor;             The Friends of the Elizabeth Taber Library would like to thank all of those who participated in making their recent Afternoon Tea and Performance of “Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II” such an overwhelming success, not only a financial boon, but, more importantly, a joyous, festive occasion with creative outfits and happy […] Read more »

  Should Marion Remain a Green Community?

To the Editor;             Should Marion Remain a Green Community?             In late 2018, Marion was accepted into the Massachusetts Green Community Program. To date, 83% of Mass municipalities have joined the program. To achieve this status, the town had to meet five criteria aimed toward helping the town reduce energy use and transition away […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Tree Committee

To the Editor;             A sincere “Thanks for Coming” to the February 28th Mattapoisett Tree Committee meeting last week. We estimate around 200 people attended between an overcapacity Fire Station meeting room, a spillover at capacity in Town Hall on Zoom, and 70 connecting from their own homes via Zoom on a night of terrible […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Trees

To the Editor;             Let’s hope that the next meeting to discuss the proposed road work in Mattapoisett will be held in a venue that can accommodate all of us who want to be present.             I have a fondness for old things and think they epitomize strength, durability, charm, and character, just as the […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Fire Station

To the Editor             This is to follow up on my letters regarding the sale of the Mattapoisett Fire Station under RFP#22-26.             I attended and spoke during the Town of Mattapoisett Board of Appeals hearing on February 16, 2024 to protest the issuance of a Special Permit.             I was the original winning bidder […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Tree Committee

To the Editor;             The Mattapoisett Tree Committee is sponsoring an information hearing on February 28 at 6pm at the Fire Station meeting room. Please, please consider attending this meeting whether you support the Mattapoisett Tree Committee or not. Approximately 26 trees will be cut in the center of town. Yes this is very sad, […] Read more »

Marion’s Landfill Solar Energy Project

To the Editor;             The article on Marion’s landfill solar energy “ project “ seems a good example of why our country is lagging so far behind more enlightened European countries in moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy.             So many meetings, so much talk, so little action from government in all its shapes […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Tree Committee

To Mattapoisett Selectboard, Mattapoisett Town Administrator Mike Lorenco;             Regarding the December 13 Tree Committee meeting, I want to thank Mike Lorenco and Jodi Bauer for their attendance and the Sippican News and The Wanderer for their coverage. At our meeting the loss of mature shade trees and financial impact of the project were discussed, […] Read more »

Aucoot Cove

To the Editor:             For years upper Aucoot Cove has been closed to shellfishing because of Marion’s sewer plant effluent and last Friday in a joint announcement by Marion and Mattapoisett select boards the entire cove from Converse Point to Harbor Beach was closed for 21 days due to a discharge of wastewater at the […] Read more »

Howland Marsh

To the Editor;             On December 2, 2023, I arrived at Howland Marsh to assist the Sippican Land Trust with trail maintenance. I was shocked to see so many empty beer cans thrown in the bushes across the street on land trust property, so I put on my gloves, grabbed my pickers, and removed four […] Read more »