Marion Planning Board

To the Editor, In response to the recent letters regarding difficulties between members of the Marion Planning Board I wish to add some comments. Planning board members are ELECTED. That means a majority of voters want the candidate of their choice to serve on the Board. I voted for Eileen Marum because I thought and […] Read more »

Marion Planning Board Minutes

Dear Editor: RE: Marion Planning Board Minutes of 9-15-14 discussed on 12-01-14 The purpose of Meeting minutes is: (1) To record Action Points, for example, what actions have been decided; (2) Who is responsible and what the milestones and deadlines are; and (3) Minutes record summaries of the discussions held at the meeting. Minutes serve […] Read more »

Marion Village Stroll

To the Editor: It was a beautiful day to stroll the village of Marion on Sunday. Thanks to the Marion Business Community, there were many festive activities for families of all ages. Every village business put on something special for the crowds to enjoy. Music was plentiful as was the food. It made for a […] Read more »

Thank You Bruce

Thank You Bruce: On any given day, my son wouldn’t have more than $5 in his wallet. But on this particular day, he had just withdrawn most of the money from his bank account and added it to the money his friends had given him. This day, they were planning to buy the supplies they […] Read more »

Medical Reserve Corps

Dear Editor/Readers: The Marion-Rochester unit of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is actively working to further develop our unit so that it is run by members of our community and able to respond to situations that impact the health and wellness of our community members. We need everyone’s help as we reorganize to both bring […] Read more »

Driver Safety

An Open Letter to the Woman in the Powder-Buff Blue VW Convertible Leaving the Parking Lot of the Marion General Store around 11:00 am Thursday, November 13 Dear Madam: Perhaps, as you were pulling out of the parking lot of the Marion General Store, you were too distracted talking on your cellphone (held in your […] Read more »

Friends of the Bike Path

To the Editor: Friends of the Bike Path would like to thank the Mattapoisett Friends’ Meeting as well as participants and shoppers for the success of the 2nd annual Alternative Gift Fair held on November 8. Bike Friendly Mattapoisett maps will continue to be sold at Town Wharf General Store, How on Earth, No Kidding, […] Read more »

Marion’s Landfill

To the Editor: No picnicking, birding, walking or solar farms allowed on the Marion’s Landfill by order of the DEP. The Marion Energy Management Committee takes great umbrage over my position that the Town’s Landfill should be sacred and hallowed ground left to decompose in peaceful repose. The landfill is no place for their quixotic […] Read more »

Solar Garden

To the Editor: Marion’s Selectmen need to redirect the Energy Management Committee’s proposed community solar garden from the Landfill to County Road. It’s now time for the Selectmen to announce the environmentally sensitive capped landfill is sacred and hallowed ground and cannot be touched by the Energy Management Committee for a community solar garden. The […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor: A sincere thank you from the family of Colleen P. (Gauvin) Calise. Whether you called, sent a card, sent a meal, prayed for us, stopped by, planned or helped with the reception, gave to the memorial fund, or celebrated Mass with us, it was all greatly appreciated. The outpouring of love and […] Read more »