Citizens Petition for Cannabis Ban Article

To the Editor: I read with interest the item in the Wanderer of the proposed Citizens Petition for Cannabis Ban Article which “prohibition would include establishments that sell, distribute, cultivate, process or package cannabis in any form.” However, one should consider that deaths associated with marijuana use are negligible compared with the estimated annual 88,000 […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Congregational Church

To the Editor: We, the members of The Christian Education Committee of the Mattapoisett Congregational Church, say thank you. Sunday afternoon those of us who took time from our busy holiday schedule to attend a positively delightful rendition of an old, old story of the birth of Christ were not disappointed. Chuck Talley and a […] Read more »

Solar Array Proposal

To the Editor: Mr. John Rockwell claims Marion’s “solar array proposal must be denied” because “the developer of the project has proposed to clear cut 18 acres for his project.” This project concerns green energy and the installation of photovoltaic panels, as allowed by Marion’s well-crafted solar bylaw. The solar apparatus will necessitate the removal […] Read more »

Noise Ordinance

To the Editor: Cheers Beacon Hill is a bar/restaurant located on Beacon Street in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, across from the Boston Public Garden. Founded in 1969 as the Bull & Finch Pub, the bar is best remembered internationally as the exterior of the bar seen in the hit NBC sitcom Cheers, […] Read more »

Thank You

Dear Editor, I write to thank the kind professionals who serve Mattapoisett on the Police Ambulance and in the patrol cars. On November 10th, I suffered a catastrophic bone failure resulting in a left leg femur fracture. Pain took on a whole new meaning on that day. I’d like to also thank the woman whose […] Read more »

Citizens Commission

To the Editor: Question 2 on the ballot in the November 6, 2018 elections in Massachusetts called for the establishment of a Citizens Commission. This proposed law would be set up to consider and recommend potential amendments to the U.S. Constitution to establish that corporations (and other artificial entities) do not have the same Constitutional […] Read more »

To the Marion Planning Board

To the Marion Planning Board: The solar array proposal must be denied. The solar array proposed on Route 6, just a stone’s throw from the Point Road lights, must be rejected by the Planning Board. The developer of the project has proposed to clear cut 18 acres for his project. The fact that pertains to […] Read more »

Dog Hearing Representation

To The Editor: This letter is in response to the coverage at the recent town meeting of the incident that occurred between two dogs, resulting in one of the dog’s death, Winnie. As the owner of the other dog Stella, whom we recently rescued, I felt it important to further represent myself and my family […] Read more »

Tolling the Bells on November 11

To the Editor: The cover of your September 20th Wanderer featured a mural at ORR painted by Amber Jones in honor of her childhood friend, Beckett Kiernan, who tragically died after completing basic training. Ms. Jones’s mural is significant not only for Mr. Kiernan, but also for every veteran who answered the call of duty […] Read more »

The Wanderer

Dear Editor of The Wanderer, I am a student at the Old Rochester Regional High School. I just wanted to write to you today to tell you that your magazine does a great job of providing articles and photographs of all the fun and exciting events that happen at all the schools in the tri-town […] Read more »