National Thank a Police Officer Day

Dear Editor,             January 9, 2021 was National Thank a Police Officer Day. Our law enforcement officers are so important to our community, working 24 hours a day to keep us safe.             Show your appreciation by thanking them, a smile, or a thank you note to their human relation department. It could improve their […] Read more »

Marion Waste Water (part 2)

The following is the second part of a Letter to the Editor from John Waterman; the first part is available in the January 14, 2021 edition:             Other Sources of Revenue: Almost two years ago, Mr. Rasmussen first suggested to us the idea of subsidizing the operation of our wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) through general […] Read more »

Marion Waste Water (part 1)

To the Editor;             We are all a little bit puzzled by what motivated Mark Rasmussen to write his recent article pointing out, among other things, that our sewer rates are high. He was right about that, but everyone in Marion already knew it. He, however, is wrong to suggest that the high rates are […] Read more »


To the Editor;             With respect to the plot of undeveloped land adjacent to Dunseith Gardens and the 7-11 complex, it is overloaded with litter, large and small. It is not a dumping area and should be treated accordingly. Whose responsibility is it to clean up this area? Michael Voss, Mattapoisett The views expressed in […] Read more »

Marion Waste Water

To the Editor;             Let’s stop spreading incorrect and confusing information about Marion’s Sewer issues.             It is puzzling why Mr. Rasmussen’s writes at this time; his motive is not clear. His article is unfairly extremely critical of Marion and its management.  His comments require clarification so that Marion’s residents understand the complete picture. He […] Read more »

Mattapoisett School Committee Meeting

To the Mattapoisett Community,             Although I am a member of the Mattapoisett School Committee, these are my personal views and are not intended to reflect the opinions or feelings of the other four committee members. I share these thoughts openly as a parent and resident of Mattapoisett. I am honored to serve this community on […] Read more »


To the Editor;             As I write this during the holiday season, I have so much to be thankful for.             The last few months have had their peaks and valleys, but October 3 will long live in the hearts of the Hathaway family. That is the day I finally completed my 32-year, 24,901-mile “hike […] Read more »


To the Editor;             As a longtime resident of Mattapoisett, I am extremely disappointed to read that members of our Board of Health feel that enforcing graduated fines for repeated failure to wear masks that are intended to keep us all safe will “hurt our community” and create a “police state.”             Rather than damaging […] Read more »

Marion MOSAC

To the Editor;             I was not able to attend the Special Town Meeting on November 5, but I have watched the video of the meeting. I want to contribute my thoughts about the Hoff property discussion.             First, I want to emphasize my concern for protecting the environment. I volunteered 14+ years as a […] Read more »

The Tide Is Rising.

To the Editor,             The Tide Is Rising.             Imagine you are standing in three feet of water; the tide is coming up an inch every few minutes and you can’t swim. You are being told, ‘Don’t worry,’ it’s only rising inches at a time. Eventually you will drown. That is where we are with […] Read more »