Alzheimer’s Advocacy

To the Editor:             Recently I had the honor of attending my 6th Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC. There were 1,200 advocates in attendance representing every state in the Union. When I use the term Alzheimer’s, it encompasses all related dementias. As Alzheimer’s Ambassador to Congressman William Keating, I was able to talk to the […] Read more »

Recreational Marijuana

To the Editor:             As I turn back the pages of my diary to early January 2019 – when Article “26” Recreational Marijuana Establishment By-Law became official. – Great News – Beware – Beware there is news of a By-Law change. Slow Down. A close watch needs to take place. We need to know who, what, […] Read more »

The Elephant in the Room

To the Editor:             It’s Time for Marion To Deal with The Elephant in the Room             “You can deal with this!” This is what my children tell me when I am faced with unpleasant tasks and expenses. Marion, we need to deal with neglect and mismanagement of our Town assets. These costs have come home for […] Read more »

Allan Schubert

To the Editor:             Mattapoisett has lost a real treasure with the recent passing of Allan Schubert. A multi- talented and very humble man, Allan worked tirelessly raising monies, initiating and supporting so many events and causes for the people of Mattapoisett. His quiet involvement and love for the community resulted in benefits to the Town […] Read more »

Cellphone Tower

To the Editor:             I recently became painfully aware of the need for a cellphone tower in Mattapoisett. Due to recent surgery, I am now at risk of falling and in need of a fall alert system, which would notify the fire department and police. I am a resident of Village Court, which does not have […] Read more »

To the Editor:             Benjamin Franklin is credited with once stating, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”             Though not initially perceived by many, the general public has always been the main watchdog of governmental action, activities, and decision-making at all levels.             It is the use of important civic mechanisms like the […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Police Department

To the Editor: I would like to thank the Mattapoisett Police Department and responders for the quick and professional response to my emergency calls for my wife Annette. The care in treating and transporting her to the hospital was done with great care, gentleness, and awareness of her condition. As the retired police chief of […] Read more »

Building Our Largest Dementia

To the Editor: Congress just passed the Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act with a strong bipartisan vote. Now that BOLD is law, I want to thank Congressman William Keating for championing this meaningful legislation. The BOLD Act will allow effective Alzheimer’s public health interventions to be implemented across the country. Thanks […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Postal Delivery

To the Editor: In a recent letter to the Editor a writer expressed frustration that residents of Mattapoisett village do not have mail delivery to their homes and must use a P.O. Box as their address. This causes countless problems getting mail or packages delivered, proving residency and so on. The United States Postal Service […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path

To The Editor: The Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path are delighted that our long-awaited bike path from Depot Street to Mattapoisett Neck Road is almost under construction. We are pleased the work will be done by a local contractor, D.W. White of Acushnet, who prepared an exceptionally competitive bid. It is important […] Read more »