Marion hired a new police chief

To the Editor;             Since it was reported that Marion hired a new police chief within its ranks via an “internal posting,” many residents are questioning, if indeed, every police officer truly had an equal opportunity to apply, particularly, when out of 25 officers on the force, only one applied for the position. Also, the lack […] Read more »

Thank You

To the Editor;             Thank you to the Ortega family for sharing their family’s experience with the coronavirus. It is a serious warning to everyone to take all precautions possible to protect themselves and others from the disease. Wear the masks and avoid gathering in groups. Getting the virus has serious costs and continuing stress for […] Read more »

Withdrawing from Planning Board Race

To the Editor;             Call the event a black swan, force majeure or material adverse change, COVID-19 is causing significant disruption in life’s paradigm. With the public safety and health risks of this pandemic and to maintain important Planning Board continuity, I am withdrawing as a candidate for election to the Marion Planning Board.             I thank […] Read more »

ORR Response

Letter to the Tri-Town Communities,             I am profoundly disappointed, but certainly not surprised of the action or mis-actions, in my estimation, of the ORR school administration’s response to the recent and latest episode of racism perpetrated by an ORR high school student. I am intentionally not detailing the incident, nor giving the student’s name, as […] Read more »


To the Editor;             Despite being quarantined due to the Covid-19 pandemic these past few weeks, many of us have gained a deeper appreciation for nature. Whether that appreciation comes from taking your dog on a walk or your new found love of gardening, it is important to remember that in order to enjoy the world […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Planning Board

Dear Editor,             On April 6th, the Planning Board held its virtual meeting through “go to meeting”. Despite great efforts by individuals responsible for the meeting, it was very disjointed and, in places, very hard to follow. Jonathan Silverstein, Town Council, provided clarification of the Zoning Board of Appeals decision to deny NextGrid their application to […] Read more »

First Congregational Church of Rochester

To the Editor,             New England is well known for the iconic churches that are in most town or village centers. The oldest of these are Congregational Churches such as the First Congregational Church of Rochester. Towns’ people, whether members or not, often view these churches as “their church” (it is actually God’s Church; members are […] Read more »

April School Vacation Cancelled

Dear Tri-Town Communities,             The Joint School Committee representing the Old Rochester Regional School District and Massachusetts School Superintendency Union #55 convened remotely on April 13, 2020. During this meeting, the school committee voted to cancel April school vacation for the 2019-2020 school year. As a result, remote learning will continue April 21, 2020 through April […] Read more »

True American Spirit

To the Editor:             The worldwide pandemic is unsettling to all and strikes fear and worry into many – the effects of which could be more crippling than the COVID-19 illness. The disruption to typical day to day life that we’re all dealing with presents itself as a temporary interference for some of us – not […] Read more »

Thoughts on: Change is in the Air

            With nowhere to go and nothing to do the fine spring weather and the not so fine Coronavirus brought out the masses in recent days in an attempt to avoid cabin fever. Dog walkers, bicyclists, joggers, and just plain strollers meandered around the village in larger numbers than usual in late March offering pleasant greetings […] Read more »