Question One

To the Editor: In a recent Southcoast publication, Keith Hovan (President & CEO of Southcoast Health) has made an impassioned case against Question 1 which sets safe limits on how many patients a nurse can care for. Mr. Hovan, speaking as a NURSE and CEO, states “this initiative is estimated to add $38 million annually […] Read more »


Dear Editor, The word “membership” has become a conundrum for me over the past few years even though the definition of membership is pretty straightforward. Most of us experience membership from a pretty young age. How many of us were in a cub scout or brownie troop? We learned early on to accept and expect […] Read more »

Elizabeth Taber Library Director

To the Editor: The town of Marion is about to suffer a significant loss with the resignation of Elizabeth O’Neill as Director of the Elizabeth Taber Library. As a weekly “customer” of the library for more than sixty years, I can attest to the outstanding friendliness of the staff and general competency of the facility […] Read more »

Marion’s Green Community Status

To the Editor:             Marion’s qualifying as a designated State Green Community may not be such a good Idea. The Energy Management Committee (EMC) is asking the October Town Meeting (TM) voters to adopt a stretch building code and authorize $55,000 to buy out the two BMW and Nissan electric car leases.             A YES […] Read more »

Marion Energy Management Committee

To the Editor: Feel the Green! A Warrant Article for Marion’s Electric Cars. Have you noticed the electric cars that zip Marion’s employees around town? About two years ago, the Energy Management Committee (EMC) applied for state grants to fund the leases for four electric vehicles — one Nissan Leaf and three BMW i3s (along […] Read more »

ORR High School Drama Club

To the Editor: I’m writing on behalf of the students of the ORR High School Drama Club and the Friends of Old Rochester Drama, to state how disappointed we are in the administration of the high school and superintendent in the handling of the replacement of the Drama Club director.  This position became vacant at […] Read more »

Friends of the Plumb Library

To the Editor:             We, the board of the Friends of the Plumb Library in Rochester, would like to thank all our volunteers who were so instrumental in the success of our first summer Tent & Book Preview Sale on Saturday, August 18. We could not have had such a positive outcome without you, our […] Read more »

Great Community Picnic

To the Editor: Good time had by all! The weather blessed us with another perfect picnic night. It’s always so much fun to browse all the tables to see the themes people have enthusiastically chosen for their tables – some beautiful and serene, some dramatic, some fun! We chose to pay tribute to the latest […] Read more »

To Marion Beautification Donors

To Marion Beautification Donors: I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who have contributed to the Marion Beautification Project. I am humbled and grateful for the support and contributions for the launch of this ongoing initiative. With 250 tickets sold for the benefit on July 26th, and several donors having […] Read more »

Mattapoisett Roads

To the Editor: Last fall a number of public meetings were held in Mattapoisett giving year-round and summer residents the opportunity to offer their views and concerns regarding a future reconstruction of Main Street, Water Street, Beacon Street, and Marion Road. These streets comprise the historic and scenic roadway that meanders along the shore of […] Read more »