Rochester Historical Society

Starting October off in a big way, the Rochester Historical Society will be at the fair on October 1. We will be selling all things Rochester: T-shirts, 4 styles of sweatshirts, hats, denim shirts, books, boxes, tick-tack-toes, maps, as well as baked goods to keep up your strength as you wander the fair.

            October 19 at 7:00 will be our monthly meeting and program at the museum at 355 County Road. The topic will be announced soon.

            On October 22, we will continue our fall tradition of an Open House to introduce our new exhibit, “Maps, Signs and Celebrations” along with a Cranberry Bake Sale, Raffles, Fresh Cranberries and all of our Rochester items. The hours will be 10:00-3:00 at the Museum at 355 County Road. If it should rain, we will move indoors, but we’re predicting lovely fall weather.

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