True American Spirit

To the Editor:

            The worldwide pandemic is unsettling to all and strikes fear and worry into many – the effects of which could be more crippling than the COVID-19 illness. The disruption to typical day to day life that we’re all dealing with presents itself as a temporary interference for some of us – not able to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, missing the opportunity to sit and enjoy a good meal at a favorite eatery, thinking twice before venturing out for some shopping or entertainment. And for many of us, while our investments may have taken a hit, our weekly/monthly fluid funds have not and will not be disrupted. But consider that many, many of our family, friends, and neighbors have lost their weekly/monthly income due to the pandemic; and specifically due to business shutdowns and business cutbacks – business owners as well as their employees fall into this category. The fear of not being able to pay the rent or mortgage, the horror facing a parent about how to put food on the table, the threat of not being able to purchase heating fuel or purchase a tank of gas for the car – bundle these concerns with the fear of a family member possibility contracting COVID-19 and you begin to appreciate the level of anxiety and fear that many are feeling. Unemployment insurance will help somewhat, and the financial package now being debated and considered by Congress will provide further support – but many of our fellow citizens – owners and employees – may never be made whole.   

            My monthly income has not and I don’t expect it to be impacted by this worldwide crisis.  If I find that I am eligible for an “economic stimulus check” from the Federal Government, it is my intention to donate the full amount to those who have lost the most – small business owners and their employees as well as workers at large corporations. No one should profit from this crisis – and I challenge those of us who have not experienced a decrease in our weekly/monthly income to do the same. We’re talking about helping our auto mechanics, landscapers, retail workers, construction workers, small business owners and workers and the kids working their way through school. The value of these neighbors to our collective daily lives has been reinforced over the past two weeks and we miss them!! We do appreciate the support and service they provide to our community. Also in need of a cash infusions are our area soup kitchens and food pantries who have stepped up impressively to the challenge of providing support to those in need – not only during this difficult time but week after week throughout the year.  

            The true American spirit shines during times of crisis and difficulty- we must have a positive outlook and we must keep our commitment to one another in proper perspective. Reach out and help a fellow citizen – and please no one should “profit” from this catastrophe.

Chuck McCullough

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