Marion Fireworks

Dear Marion Community,

            On behalf of the Marion Select Board and Fireworks Committee, we would like to thank all of those who had a hand in making our annual fireworks display and community event possible. This yearlong effort is put together by dozens of volunteers, town employees, public safety staff, vendors, and local groups and organizations who work tirelessly to put on a celebration and community get-together each year and for the third year in a row.

            Unfortunately, the inclement weather throughout the weekend caused issues that severely impacted the fireworks show. First, the show was postponed for safety precautions from Saturday to Sunday due to high winds. On Sunday, the decision was made to start the show early and on short notice because of heavy fog that was quickly rolling in over the water.

            Both decisions were made at the recommendation of the professional fireworks vendor contracted by the Town. This vendor is well-established in New England and has been responsible for our amazing and successful shows over the last several years. The safety of spectators, surrounding property and the barge technicians was the priority. High winds can cause flammables to drift into surrounding homes and trees and dense fog not only impacts viewing but can damage the fireworks and equipment creating an added layer of danger to the barge crew. We trust the vendor’s judgment as the experts in conducting a safe and entertaining show. Again, safety was the priority.

            On Sunday, Town officials made an announcement on social media and via our email announcement system that the show would begin early. This decision was not made easily. Due to the contract and budgetary constraints, there was no further postponement available.

            While we share in the disappointment that the show did not proceed as planned, we want to thank our residents for their understanding and also give a heartfelt thanks to the donors and the Fireworks Committee that makes this event possible each and every year.


Geoffrey Gorman, Marion Town Administrator

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