Upgrades Coming to Old Marina

            On June 24 during the meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission, the public, along with the commissioners, heard about developing plans for improvements and repairs to the former Leisure Shore Marina on Brandt Island.  The marina is now called Brandt Island Marina and is currently owned by David Kaiser who also owns the Mattapoisett Boat Yard and Kaiser Yachts LLC. The filing was represented by Bob Field of Field Engineering.

            While the full scope of what needs to be fixed, removed, improved, completely demolished, and completely rebuilt is daunting, Kaiser believes the end result will be worth the effort. Field shared that Kaiser’s plans for the Notice of Intent (NOI) filing before the commissioners that night contained grading of parking and driveway areas, systems for water containment from washdown activities, wooden pier repairs, stone bulkhead repairs, seawall repairs, and decking.

            There was some discussion about the need to apply for a Chapter 91 waterways license especially for those renovations related to waterside structures. After further dialog with the Conservation Agent Liz Leidhold, Field put forth the following into the scope of the NOI: repairs and renovations to driveways and parking areas in previously disturbed areas, and repairs to a seawall, wooden pier, stone pier, decking, and water purification systems.

            Before requesting a continuance, Chairman Mike King commented, “Anything you are doing there is an improvement to the resource area. … It’s going to be dramatically improved.” The hearing was continued until July 8.

            An NOI filed by Michael Ward, 26 Meadowbrook Lane, was also continued pending plans that could meet FEMA regulations. Field, also representing the Wards, said that the homeowners needed to construct a handicap lift to the elevated first floor living area. He pointed out that the preliminary plans called for the pouring of a solid concrete pad under the elevated residence. However, King said that concept would not meet FEMA regulations. The hearing was continued until July 8 pending plans that were in compliance with wetland regulations.

            Lisa Segalas, 11 Bay Road, was represented by David Davignon of Schneider, Davignon, and Leone. Davignon described the NOI filing saying the existing cottage was to be demolished and replaced with a home on pillars. He said the new footprint would be slightly smaller, while the elevated decks would be slightly larger and that more than 50-percent of the home would be in the coastal bank. Davignon also stated that the project needed to be approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals due to the setbacks being impacted.

            The project as presented received standard conditioning from the commission.

            A Request for Determination of Applicability filed by Thomas Jackivicz and Pamela Pierce, 17 Third Street, also included the removal of an existing structure, a garage. The new garage, as described by Davignon, would be more than 100-feet from the coastal zone and would meet all FEMA regulations for a flood zone. The project received a negative determination of applicability.

            Alexander Makkas’s request for a Certificate of Compliance (CofC) was continued pending a site visit by commissioner Trevor Francis to ascertain how sediments are migrating into wetlands near Makkas’ property at 16 Island View Avenue. Makkas claimed that the sediment problem began after the installation of public sewers in the beach community and that he was hesitant to try and continue with native plantings as those too would be washed away into the contiguous wetlands.

            Leidhold commented that she would ask for the plantings to be done in an effort to stabilize the disturbed soils. However it was determined that a site visit prior to any further activities was warranted.

            A CofC was issued to Paul Bourgeois, 10 Oakland Terrance, and to JC Engineering, Inc. for 6 Dupont Drive.

            The commission went into Executive Session to discuss ongoing litigation with Daniel Craig, 4 Seabreeze Lane. In a follow-up with Town Administrator Mike Gagne, he said, “This is an interesting case.” He said that an enforcement order issued by the Conservation Commission was appealed to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by Craig. The enforcement order was upheld by the DEP. Craig has subsequently appealed the DEP ruling, sending the case back to Superior Court.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Marilou Newell

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