1A Design Plan Completed for Renovations

The Marion Capitol Improvement Planning Committee met Thursday, October 18, at Music Hall in Marion. The meeting was attended by Chairman Norm Hills and members Casey Barros, Dick Giberti and Ham Gravem.

A Phase 1A design plan by CDM Smith to renovate South Street and Ryder Lane  has been completed. There are not yet any plans for phases 1B, 2, 3, and 4.

 The total costs for the Phase 1A proposal could reach about $4.7 million, Hills said, but added “There is no fair estimate until we actually have a final plan and a bid to do the work.”

Hills also said that about $2 million could be covered by potential grants.

Committee members expect there will be some discussion before the Phase 1A design plan is approved by the town.

“People are not going to just take in the plan and swallow it. They are going to ask questions,” Sanz said.

If the town approves the Phase 1A design plan, it would then go out for a bid before any work could actually get done.

In other matters, Hills participated in a maintenance inspection of various town buildings including the beach house, Music Hall, the public library, the main fire station and the Point Road fire station, and a water pumping station.

The water pumping station appears to need some maintenance work, he said.

“Structurally it looks fine, but it’s certainly in bad shape and it’s like you can throw basketballs through it in some places,” said Hills, while adding his pleasant surprise by improvements being made at the main fire station.

 “I went to the main fire station yesterday, and there is a lot of work going on there. They’ve done quite a bit of stuff. Everything has been painted and they cleaned the electrical room, and they are moving cabinets around,” Hills said.

By Scott A. Giordano


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