Harris Bids MOSAC Official Farewell

            Vice Chairman Alan Harris decided not to run for re-election to the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission primarily because he believes new blood is needed to strengthen the group. Chairman John Rockwell said during MOSAC’s May 6 Zoom meeting that he hopes Harris will remain interested in what commission is doing.

            “Mostly, Alan, thank you for your guidance and thoughtful suggestions over the years on guiding us through turbulent times,” said Rockwell.

            In his Point Road Path update, Rockwell reported that he put down some stakes with assistance from area resident Carol Molander, and more needs to be done.

            “I will not be on MOSAC at that time, but I will be there,” said Harris, noting that Deborah Ewing is running unopposed for the commission’s open seat in the May 14 town election. “I highly recommend her,” he said.

            Clearing for power lines resulted in a lot of stumps, according to Rockwell, who suggested the path be far enough off the road to avoid many construction problems.

            In his Hoff Property Conservation Restriction update, Rockwell reported positive feedback to pathway cleanup performed by the Sippican Lands Trust.

            Open space maintenance has been focused on fire roads on existing trails, and Rockwell reported on a meeting with Fire Chief Brian Jackvony, who wrote a memo indicating interest in looking at two of the properties involved. Rockwell told members he and Jackvony are working on setting up a walking expedition.

            MOSAC is looking to update its bike path plan where it borders Sherman Briggs’ proposed development off Spring Street near Mill Street.

            Under the approval of April meeting minutes, Harris noted for the minutes a fire at Peirson Woods, which he emphasized is Sippican Lands Trust property but not his property.

            Car traffic at Grassi Bog has become more consistent, according to Harris, who suggested a sign be posted there. Harris believes the signs reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets are working.

            Harris’ final word as a MOSAC member to his peers was, “Thank you all for all your work.”

            The next meeting of the Marion Open Space Acquisition Committee is scheduled for June 3 at 7:00 pm.

Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission

By Mick Colageo

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