ConCom’s Christmas Wish Granted

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission Chairman Mike King got his wish on December 23: a short meeting.

            Stepping off at 6:30 pm, the three cases that were heard or reviewed sped along, allowing King to say what he claims are his favorite words: “I’ll take a motion to adjourn.”

            After a year that saw many meetings lasting hours and dealing with complicated technical matters, the commissioners were all pleased with an early holiday gift.

            Coming before the commission with a Request for Determination of Applicability was engineer David Davignon representing Constance Pallatroni Trust for property located on Sea Marsh Way.

            Davignon explained that the application requested permission to excavate test pits to determine whether the lot in question was a coastal dune and/or a barrier beach.

            King read from comments prepared by the Conservation Agent Elizabeth Leidhold, who advised ConCom that the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (CZM) agency might provide technical oversight at no cost. King said that, at this time, he saw no need for the applicant to engage a peer-review consultant, but that reaching out to Rebecca Haney of the CZM may be helpful.

            Davignon said that the client had engaged a coastal zone engineer; that engineer would be overseeing the digging of test pits and soil analysis. Davignon also said that he wanted to flush out all issues on behalf of the client, and that ultimately the plan is to secure permits for development of the lot.

            Davignon also brought forward a Notice of Intent application for James and Sharlene Craig for property noted as Lot 156 on Map 3 on Aucoot Road.

            Davignon said that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection had not yet issued a file number, nor had comments been received from Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program.

            Regarding the application, Davignon said that the selective cutting of trees and brush would determine the best location for the construction of a future home.

            “They want to find the best views,” said Davignon.

            The public hearing was continued until January 13.

            A Notice of Intent filed by David McIntire for the clearing of wooded areas within a buffer zone and various wetlands locations on his 0 Wolf Island Road property for the purpose of expanding agricultural activities was also continued until January 13.

            A DEP file number is pending.

            The public hearing was not officially opened, but a request by the applicant for a continuance was granted.

            A Certificate of Compliance was issued to Jeffrey Sanders, 8 Heritage Lane, for work never consummated.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for January 13 at 6:30 pm in the Mattapoisett Town Hall conference room.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Marilou Newell

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