ConCom Allows Adding Sand and Eradicating Phragmites

            The Marion Conservation Commission on July 10 closed the public hearings for two tandem applications, one for beach nourishment and both for the application of herbicide to eradicate everyone’s least favorite invasive species, phragmites.

            Meadow Island Realty Trust, 34 Fraser Way, received an Order of Conditions to add 12 cubic yards, approximately nine inches deep, of beach sand, but not before submitting a sieve analysis to determine the grain size of the sand that should be placed at the site.

            According to engineer David Davignon, the property owner only lives at the location for some of the months each year and the beach nourishment would take place once per year during that time.

            Furthermore, abutting property owners of Michael Deland Trust’s Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) became concerned with the encroachment of phragmites in the salt marsh, which Davignon relayed had been relatively healthy for decades since the property owner first started going to the property during childhood.

            “Over the last several years he’s seen it pop up,” Davignon said. For some time the property owner has been cutting back the phragmites, but more recently, he added, “Now they’ve seen it sprout and it’s become rather big.”

            This attack on the phragmites will span two years and the RDA will partner with Meadow Island Realty Trust to more effectively rid the area of the invasive species.

            Michael Deland Trust’s RDA received a Negative 2 determination (work will not alter the wetlands therefore an NOI is not required), and Meadow Island Realty Trust’s NOI received an Order of Conditions to proceed with the beach nourishment.

            Also during the meeting, the commission closed the Notice of Intent public hearing for William Knight, 0 Oakdale Avenue, and approved an Order of Conditions related to the construction of a single-family house, driveway, and associated grading and utilities. There was some concern from abutters regarding stormwater drainage from the property onto the road and Davignon answered questions about a revised plan for a stormwater swale. Although Davignon was unable to receive confirmation from the Marion Department of Public Works on aspects of the plan, Davignon was willing to include in the conditions that the property owner receive final authorization from the DPW before some of the work takes place.

            The public hearing for 22 Cove Street, LLC was continued until July 24.

            The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for July 24 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall, 164 Front Street.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry

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