Sippican Community Solar Garden

The Sippican Community Solar Garden project construction is all coming together. The utility has installed its new poles and wires to connect the site to their service. The transformer and main electrical components will be in place and connected on April 7. The solar panel array installation will be complete on April 10. With the subsequent inspections by the local and utility officials to be completed shortly thereafter, the system is on schedule to begin producing clean energy before the end of April.

“Despite the poor weather conditions … we are pleased with the remarkable progress made this winter; a true testament to the strength, experience and focus of our entire team.” – Luke Hinkle, Manager Suntility, LLC, Founder My Generation Energy, Inc.

The Sippican Community Solar Garden® Cooperative has also seen dramatic growth. At its current rate of growth, the Cooperative will be filled within weeks – well before the last panel is installed on April 10. Between the list of those requesting the Cooperative to reserve them spots (SunRights™) and those already signed up, the total exceeds the number of SunRights™ available.

Therefore, today, the Cooperative is announcing an enrollment deadline of April 10 at 5:00 pm. Those missing the deadline may very likely be relegated to the waiting list.

Those interested in joining should contact the Cooperative at 508-538-4SUN or go to the Cooperative website,

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