Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission

The Town of Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission has a vacancy from the resignation of Randy Parker.

            An ideal member would have one or more of the followings/knowledge areas:

– Familiarity with local real estate practices, including title searches, civil engineering, and local zoning and environmental permitting.

– GIS mapping skills

– Knowledge of southcoast environmental and open space groups

– Familiarity with other stake holders (hunters, young families, dog walkers, hikers, scouts)

– Web site development and maintenance skills

– Committed to open space (able to devote time to meetings and activities)

– Able to help with trail maintenance

– Heavy equipment operators

            If you are interested on serving on this Town Board, please contact the Open Space Acquisition Commission at or call one of the members. Please respond by July 15. We will meet with the folks who respond and will make a recommendation to the BOS for appointment until the next election.

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