Local League of Women Voters Reorganizes

At a recent meeting held in Marion, the local League of Women Voters announced that its new name, League of Women Voters – South Coast, has been approved by the state-level LWV Massachusetts. This new name reflects the intention of the organization, formerly of the Tri-Town only, to expand to include area communities from Wareham to Westport.

            The members present, led by facilitator of the Transition Team Kristen Eastman, reviewed the accomplishments of the group during the pandemic, and learned the by-laws have been revised to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion language to represent the intentional goals to represent all in the southcoast communities. Future activities will include outreach to area cities and towns.

            Transition Team member and board development professional Elizabeth Hill presented various organization models from which the group is developing its new leadership structure and the roles necessary to facilitate focusing on the LWV – SC mission and goals. The organizational structure will be voted on by the end of the year, and the by-laws will be resubmitted to the state League.

            Members Luana Josvold and Eileen Marum presented five priorities identified by the LWV Massachusetts from which the local group could select a project focus.  Those present selected Climate Change as one if its first priorities. Projects and speakers will follow in the new year.

            The League of Women Voters has celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year, and encourages citizens to become involved in its non-partisan mission. Civic engagement and voter education is an overarching theme for all its activities. Men and women are invited to join. For more information about the LWV – SC and about membership, please visit www.lwvmmr.org.

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