Farmer’s Market Coupons

Farmers Market coupons are available and can be used at any participating Farmers Market in Massachusetts. Each community’s Council on Aging has coupons for their residents. Call your local COA: Mattapoisett, 508-758-4110; Marion, 508-748-3570; Rochester, 508-763-8723; or you may learn of the nearest availability by calling Coastline Services Nutrition at 508-999-6400.

            To be eligible to receive Senior Farmers Market Coupons, you must be: 60 years of age or older, disabled and living in senior housing, or your income must be lower than the established income limits.

            What can you buy with the coupons? You can use your coupons to buy fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and fresh cut herbs. Seniors can also use their coupons to buy honey. Other items available for sale at the market cannot be purchased with farmers’ market coupons. Fruit and vegetable choices may differ from market to market and at different times during the season. Not every market will have the same items – it depends on what your local farmer is growing!

            How do I use them? Coupons can only be accepted by participating farmers at farmers’ markets or farm stands. Each coupon is worth $2.50, and no change can be given. It is recommended that you bring small bills and change. In the event that you go over the amount, you will need to pay the difference. Coupons expire October 31. You cannot use last year’s coupons.

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