Toe Jam Puppet Band

The Toe Jam Puppet Band was back in Tri-Town on March 21 for a performance at the Marion Music Hall, sponsored by the Elizabeth Taber Library. The performance was free and the fun was evident in the faces of the band’s biggest fans. Photos by Colin Veitch

ToeJam_3366 ToeJam_3387 ToeJam_3570 ToeJam_3620 ToeJam_3632 ToeJam_3669 ToeJam_3767 ToeJam_3778 ToeJam_3813 ToeJam_3815 ToeJam_3829 ToeJam_3853 ToeJam_3865 ToeJam_3883 ToeJam_3888 ToeJam_3904 ToeJam_3909 ToeJam_3941

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