Rochester Girl Forging a Future in Welding

It might be February vacation for Tri-Town kids, but the learning doesn’t stop when you visit the Plumb Library in Rochester this week.

            On Tuesday, February 19, Rochester resident and Junior Friend of the Plumb Library Emma Makuch impressed a sizable group of youngsters as she shared her knowledge about metal and welding skills as part of the library’s roster of February vacation week programs.

            Makuch, 14, is a freshman at Old Colony and loves how the Welding and Metal Fab shop is preparing her for her future as a welder and, possibly, in the military. She stands at barely 5 feet tall, but she is determined and she is fierce.

            “I’ve been welding for a good amount of time,” she said. The skills she is learning now will help her expand her opportunities in the military, she said. “I’ve always liked hands-on work and welding is very hands-on work.” Growing up she’s watched loads of videos on welding “and I just really got into it.”

            With her big heavy gloves, welding helmet covered in “badass” stickers, and her steel-toed boots, Makuch looked pretty impressive and ready to melt and bend and shape some serious metal, which she did in a video she prepared and let the kids watch on her smart phone.

            “Hey, that’s you!” one little girl shouted out. “Wow!” said a couple others. “I see fire!” another young girl called out.

            Makuch’s brother Cameron lent a hand holding up some handmade poster boards detailing different types of welding, such as “mig” welding, “tig,” and open flame welding.

            “You can do a lot of things with welding. It all depends on what you want to do,” said Makuch. And that goes for everyone – especially girls.

            “Pretty cool stuff, right?” she asked the group of 10.


            Afterwards, Makuch led the kids in an activity using paintbrushes and paint to mimic the process of using a consumable electrode to create straight “beads.”

            The library will hold an additional activity on Friday, February 22, called “Pressure & Suction” beginning at 12:30 pm, followed by “TGIF with Amos” from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Registration is required.

By Jean Perry

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