‘Purr’ Fun at Octopurr Fest

For a third year in a row, supporters of a Rochester cat shelter called It’s All About the Animals enjoyed another Octopurr Fest when shelter owners Pam and Oren Robinson put the ‘purr’ in perfect and the ‘fun’ in fundraising.

With rows and rows of donated items up for auction, Pam thinks this year the shelter raised roughly $10,000.

“It went very well,” said Robinson. “Everybody seemed to have a good time. The vendors seemed very happy I think they did well.”

In addition to the auction, live entertainment, refreshments, vendors, and the fun costumes, guests enjoyed a raffle where a plastic cat was hung from a branch to be “neutered” when Oren Robinson pulled the lower string and dozens of numbered Ping-Pong balls fell to the ground, with one lucky ball landing in the black funnel placed underneath. That winner won $500.

It costs the Robinsons about $75,000 to care for the cats and kittens and run the cat shelter each year. Pam is hoping that enough volunteers can be rounded up to form a fundraising committee to come up with fun new ways of fundraising to meet the needs of the cats – food, litter, veterinarian care, etc. – and the shelter is in dire need of committed, dedicated volunteers.

“I have a great team of volunteers, but I don’t have enough dedicated volunteers,” said Robinson who already spends between 14 and 16 hours working in the shelter every day, seven days a week. “We need some committed dedicated volunteers who are willing to do fundraising events and commit to dedicated shifts. I’m so short on volunteers.”

For further information about volunteering or about cat adoption, visit www.itsallabouttheanimals.org, or email ohnokitty1@gmail.com.

By Jean Perry

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