Old H Students Triumph over Teachers

They are the future Bulldogs of ORR, and they showed a remarkable display of teamwork and enthusiasm Friday night, March 20, when they beat the teachers during the Old Hammondtown School students versus teachers basketball game, 41-40.

Up and down the ORR High School basketball court they dribbled, fellow sixth-graders on the edge of their bleachers cheering on their classmates until it was their group’s turn to take to the court, as the student groups rotated to give each one a chance to play.

Rumor had it that the staff team was going to up their game this year, but it was apparent at the end that it just wasn’t upped quite enough to match the students’ efforts.

We never do know who will come out on top from year to year but it was, as Center School and Old Hammondtown School Principal Rose Bowman put it, a wonderful family night for all.

“The staff is so involved, and you can see the teamwork and the camaraderie amongst the students. And you can see the family support,” Bowman said, motioning to the hundreds sitting in the bleachers. “It doesn’t get any better than this. I think this is a night that will live on in their memories forever.”

By Jean Perry

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