Junior High Receives Tech Grant

Back in 2015, the state awarded the schools in the Tri-Town district a cumulative total of $60,000 in technology grant money – all the schools except for the junior high, that is.

“What we couldn’t understand was … what happened with our junior high?” said Assistant Superintendent Elise Frangos. “It was somehow an omission.”

Frangos said ORR once again applied for the technology grant, and she was happy to announce that the state has awarded the junior high $25,000 to go towards technology infrastructure upgrades and teacher technology training.

“We’re really delighted because what will happen, Mass IT will walk around our school … with our technology department … and really look behind the walls at our infrastructure,” Frangos said.

“So, it’s really been a red banner week for technology in our schools,”Frangos noted, referring to the grant and also to high school technology teacher MJ Linane and his engineering students’ recent technology competition win.

Superintendent Doug White added that there are other grants the school districts do apply for but do not always receive.

“So this is a great opportunity for us to really celebrate the good work that is happening in the district and, actually, the ability for us to improve learning for all of our students,” said White, “so we’re really excited.”

By Jean Perry


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