SLT Tick Talk

Join Blake Dinius from the Plymouth County Extension Service for a special talk titled “Hate Ticks?” hosted by the Sippican Lands Trust (SLT) on Friday, February 8at 6:00 pm. The tick talk will be held at the Sippican Woman’s Club, 152 Front Street, Marion.

            Hate ticks? Not only are ticks creepy, but the bite of a tick can transmit life-altering diseases. Don’t wait for ticks to bite! Arm yourself with knowledge and stand up to them! Studies have proven that people who are taught the proper tools and techniques drastically reduce their risks for contracting any tick-borne disease. With the right knowledge and tools, all tick-borne diseases are preventable.

            This special workshop will review basic tick biology, scientifically proven protection methods, and bust any commonly held myths.

            Blake Dinius works as the entomologist educator for the Plymouth County Extension Service. In his current role, Dinius teaches on all topics from bed bugs to bumble bees to ticks. Dinius brings seven years of professional experience in insect research and is a lifetime lover of insects, spiders, centipedes, and all things entomology-related. Dinius earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts- Boston.

            For more information on this tick talk contact Jim Bride at the Sippican Lands Trust at or Blake Dinius, Plymouth County Extension, at 774-773-3404.

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