Read with Tabor this Summer

Into the Raging Seaby Rachel Slade has been selected by Tabor Academy as their community wide summer read. Kerry Saltonstall, Director of Communications, said “It has been some time since we have done a community read and we are excited to get back to that practice this summer. We wanted to invite our neighbors and friends to read with us.”

            The book is about the U.S. container ship El Faro, lost at sea with 33 souls on board during Hurricane Joaquin in 2015. “Tabor chose the book because it features thought-provoking questions about leadership, ethics, and responsibility. Also, because it is personal for us as our alumnus, Engineer Jeff Mathias ’92, is a featured character in the book,” said Saltonstall. Mathias was serving as the Riding Crew Supervisor when El Farowent down. The book uncovers many disturbing factors that contributed to the disaster as it unfolds a frustrating story about an event that never should have happened.

            In October, the author will be visiting Tabor as their 2019 Writer in Residence. She will be on campus for one week to share how she came upon the story and researched it, as well as sharing other thoughts about being a professional writer. Slade will do a reading and book signing at Tabor on October 17 at 7:00 pm in Hoyt Hall. The event will be free and open to the public.

            Reading seems to be a summer tradition and it is a great time to join with friends to learn together. Saltonstall invites us to “Jump on board and join our community read of Into the Raging Sea and plan to be with us here at Tabor on October 17at 7:00 pm to meet the author.”

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