January Activities at the Marion COA

Marion COA Learning & Leisure Lectures for January take place at the Marion Music Hall, 164 Front Street. They are all free and open to the community.

Movement is Medicine: January 9, 12:45 pm. Pain is an increasingly significant public health issue, affecting more Americans than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined. While pain often leads to decreased movement and activity, research has shown that exercise is imperative to maintaining health and reducing pain. Physical therapists can help to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunction and advise with an appropriate exercise program to reduce painful symptoms and maintain mobility in order to participate in family and community activities. Don’t let pain control you. Please join us for a discussion on how physical therapy can help you take the control back! Presentation by Chiron Physical Therapy.

The Art of Ancient Greece: January 23, 12:45 pm. Jill Sanford will give a brief, yet thorough, overview of the amazing innovations in Ancient Greece’s pottery, sculpture and architecture. With an emphasis on Greece’s famous Classical time period, we’ll make connections with ancient Rome as well as with our own culture.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: January 30, 12:45 pm. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world’s leading, independent nonprofit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education. Their scientists and engineers push the boundaries of knowledge about the ocean to reveal its impacts on our planet and our lives. Join Kathy Patterson as she gives us an overview of the invaluable work that is done there of understanding the oceans for the benefit of our planet and our future.

Chair Yoga with Pamela Smith Paquette will be free for the month of January. Chair yoga will be held every Monday from 10:00 – 11:00 am at the Music Hall and is sponsored, in part, by a grant from the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Every Wednesday from 11:45 am – 2:00 pm, the Waterfront Memory Café at the Music Hall welcomes anyone with early/moderate Alzheimer’s or dementia with their care provider, friend or family for lunch and an afternoon of activities. You do not have to be a Marion resident to participate. Call 508-748-3570 for more information.

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