Mattapoisett Road Race Reflections 2

In an effort to update the community on what has happened to Road Race Scholarship recipients here is part two of where they are now.
In 1998 Gregory Hickey received a Road Race Scholarship and went to Drew University where he was a biology and psychology major and a four-year member of the swim team.  After graduating from Drew he went on to medical school at West Virginia University School of Medicine followed by a residency at the University of Virginia.  Currently Greg is a physician specializing in Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver.  He started running the Road Race in 1990 and ran in ten races.  Naturally Greg continues to run; mostly for exercise but he has competed in a half-marathon.
Nicholas Lorenco graduated from high school in 2006 and received a Road Race Scholarship.  He pursued his studies at Bridgewater State where he majored in Criminal Justice.  As an undergraduate Nick attended Municipal Police Training and emergency medical technician training.  In 2011 he completed a graduate degree in criminal justice from the University of Lowell and a graduate certificate in Security Studies.  Along with his graduate studies Nick also attended Municipal Police Training.  In 2012 he was appointed a full time police officer in Mattapoisett and continues as a an EMT and paramedic in Mattapoisett.

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