Tabor Academy Celebrates International Week

Tabor Academy’s international population is not one of the largest when compared with other boarding preparatory schools. However, the international Seawolves are, by far, one of the most spirited. Tabor students dedicate one week each year to commemorate the international influence on their school, with influences from the many different cultures that create Tabor Academy. Ranging from Venezuela to Japan, International Week celebrates the diversity of Tabor’s population.

The week began with Café Europa, a buffet featuring a vast array of desserts from countries such as Germany, Great Britain and France. The next day coincided with Head of School speeches and the Spring Concert. Caught in between two such significant events, Tuesday was more subdued; Korean popsicles were handed out at the Hoyt building after the speeches.       On Wednesday, Thai Iced Tea was served during and in between classes to the delight of Tabor students. In addition, artists, both skilled and amateur, offered to face paint flags for any student with the time or interest.

Thursday was deemed flag day, a special dress-down day during which Tabor students wore the colors of their country. However, the main attraction quickly became a special chapel performance on by Tabor Korean senior, Chang Kim. Kim sang a Korean pop song, “Nothing Better Than You” by Hyun Bin, to his prom date in a heartening and ecstatic manner.

Chef Fred, a member of the dining hall staff and six-degree black belt, demonstrated karate techniques using members of the Tabor population. Towards the end of that day, a Korean barbeque and badminton tournament ensued with contribution from both international and American students.

Saturday entertained a large number of athletic commitments and, thus, International Week was once again quiet. However, on Sunday, classic Japanese horror movie “Ringu” was shown, in all of its terrifying and stunning glory.

International co-heads Hieu Nguyen from Vietnam and Mia Liu from China organized another successful International Week at Tabor Academy. Undoubtedly, the celebration of the international influence on Tabor is enjoyed and welcomed by the entire population.

By Jake Farias

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