Student Council Tackles Team Building

Old Rochester Regional High School’s Student Council had their second annual field trip to Camp Greenough in Yarmouth last week. The students participated in a number of ropes course challenges and team-building games in order to get to know one another while building trust and communication skills.

“I had a great day with fellow Student Council members,” said Callie Gomes, senior class vice president and member of Student Council. “I think these activities brought us closer together and taught us more about teamwork and leadership.”

Activities included trust falls from raised platforms, humorous and intellectually challenging group games, a zip line through the forest, and high ropes courses. The zip line and high ropes courses, about 30 feet in the air, required participants to wear proper safety gear such as harnesses and helmets.

Once properly secured and belayed, the daring student could walk across a wooden beam or tightrope wire high in the air, with little or nothing to hang onto. Partner ropes courses included a giant ladder with wooden beams at increasingly higher distances from one another.

Jeremy Bare, a senior senator on Student Council, was one of the many students who tackled the high ropes courses.

“It was definitely a new experience and everybody seemed to overcome some sort of fear or obstacle,” he said. “I know I did.”

Although his height gave him an advantage on some courses, Bare said the obstacles gave him and his peers the opportunity to work on “trusting each other and working together as a group to reach a common goal. We worked a lot with cooperation, trust, [and] leadership.”    Student Council members from all grades agreed this field trip was a great way to start off the year. Freshman class president Brooke Santos said, “It was really fun because we got to get to know all the other people on student council. It helped me get to know the upperclassmen. It was great team building.”

With presidents, vice presidents, and senator representatives from each class, Student Council is quite a large team to come together. Still, they are a friendly and spirited group with high expectations for the rest of the school year.

Under the leadership of their executive board – President Kelly Merlo, Vice President Lizzie MacLellan, Public Relations Officer Leah Thomas, and Administrator Ruhi Raje – ORR’s Student Council is in the midst of planning this year’s homecoming spirit week and dance.

Student Council has the responsibility of advertising for the spirit week dress-up days and the dance. The homecoming dance, taking place on October 26, is completely organized and funded by Student Council.

In past years, Student Council has also organized Class Olympics and other school-spirited events after homecoming. If anything’s for sure, the members of Student Council are excited to buckle down to business after their thrilling field trip to Camp Greenough.

By Renae Reints


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