Sippican Women’s Club Scholarship Recipients

The Scholarship Committee Members of the Sippican Woman’s Club are very pleased to announce that they were able to give 18 scholarship awards this year. The recipients were graduating seniors and continuing education students who met requirements in scholarship, service, activities and need.

Graduating seniors: From ORR, the recipients were Hope Anderson, Martha Nakashian, Catherine Ryer, and Matthew Teefy. Margaret Tracy received the Lu Chevrier Award. Andrew Bancroft, from Bishop Stang, and Anne McBride, from Tabor Academy, also received a scholarship.

Continuing Education Students: Molly Barrus, Abby Browning, Jennifer Collins, Catherine Duncan, Kiernan Dunlap, Jueri Robbins, Bryan Teefy, Abigail Zartman.

Each year, the Sippican Women’s Club sponsors the Alice Ryder Book Award, which is given to the top Marion student for excellence in English at the ORR Junior High. This year’s recipient is Jessica Rush.

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