Sippican School Completes Reading Road Trip

Students at Sippican School recently completed their annual Winter Reading Challenge. Each year, the school attempts to meet a specific goal set by the school librarian. This year, students in grades K-6 participated in a 17,844 mile “Reading Road Trip” through all fifty states. For every 30 minutes that students spent reading outside of school between January 7 and February 7, the school traveled five miles. A giant map of the United States was displayed in the school library and as miles were submitted, students were able to track their progress. Additionally, 56 students in grades 4-6 volunteered to research specific states on their own and compose a morning announcement for the entire school’s enjoyment. The announcements were informative, entertaining and a creative way to share daily updates with all of Sippican School.  A final tally of minutes revealed that the school had read for a total of 118,077 minutes during the reading challenge and traveled 19,680 miles to exceed their goal. The challenge concluded with a special drawing from all of the students that participated. Two students from each grade level received gift certificates to The Bookstall in Marion as a generous donation from V.A.S.E., Sippican’s PTO. Congratulations to all who joined in the Winter Reading Challenge!

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