Seniors Prepare for Final Exams

May 18, 2012 marks the last day of classes for the seniors attending Old Rochester Regional High School. Having completed their required 169 days of school, the seniors are now entering their week of final exams.

As a senior privilege, students who have achieved the year average of at least an A- are exempt from taking the final exam for that class. Additionally, seniors who have taken an Advanced Placement Exam are exempt from taking the final. Students who do not have to take final exams should not be on the school campus during the next week, with the exception of the scheduled rehearsals for the commencement exercises. For the remaining school year, seniors should only be on the school campus for official business.

All seniors should have a copy of the final exam schedule from the last senior meeting. The schedule is posted on the high school website, but here it is again for seniors to reference.  All senior final exams are scheduled during the first and second blocks from May 21 to May 25.  Seniors should only be present for the exams that they are taking and must leave the campus when they complete them.

•On May 21, seniors will take the exam for Day 1, Block 1 and then Day 1, Block 2.

•On May 22, seniors will take the exam or Day 2, Block 1 and then Day 2, Block 2.

Seniors should note that Wednesday, May 23, is a half-day. As a result, seniors will take their final exams in the cafeteria. For the equivalent of first block, seniors will take the exam for Day 3, Block 2.  Seniors will take the exam for Day 3, Block 3 for the equivalent of second block.

On May 24, the schedule for the entire school will be reconfigured to allow for the senior exams.  The order of blocks for Day 4 will be second, third, first, fourth. Seniors will take the exams for Day 4, Block 2 and Day 4, Block 3.

On May 25, only the make-up exams will be administered.  These exams must be requested by seniors prior to the date of the official exam for that class. Seniors who oversleep and miss their regular final exam will not be allowed to take the make-up exam. The make-up exams are for seniors who know that they will be missing a final exam and wish to make other arrangements. The senior final exam schedule allots two make-up exams on Friday, May 25.

Seniors should ask their teachers if the senior privilege applies to them; don’t assume that your grade on PowerSchool is accurate, since it might be lacking the input of a few grades that would disqualify you. Teachers will explicitly inform seniors whether they have to take the final exam for the class or not.

There is a mandatory senior class meeting on May 25 at 10:30 am in the high school auditorium.  At this meeting, seniors will receive their cap and gown for the senior festivities, as well as their six graduation tickets.  In order to receive the tickets, each senior must have filled out the senior checklist.  This checklist requires seniors to obtain signatures from their teachers, librarian, coaches, and other school officials to ensure that all debts to the school are paid and all school materials are returned.  Mr. Parker’s signature is necessary for the completion of the paperwork.

The senior festivities are: June 4, Senior Prom; June 7, rehearsal for Graduation (mandatory), rehearsal for Senior Assembly (performers only), and Senior Awards Night; June 8, Senior Assembly; and June 9, Graduation.

By Anne Smith

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