Red Carpet Comes to ORRHS

The red carpet was rolled out for the class of 2013 on Thursday, November 29 for the Annual Senior Superlative Gala. Mr. Sardinha and Mr. Devoll hosted the gala with spiffy attire and plenty of entertainment. The gala opened with an exciting “Know Your School!” game where Mr. Sardinha, Louie Pina, Sophie Harding and Chandra Perez-Gill answered a series of trivia questions about the school. Sophie Harding won the game.

            We also saw a video demonstration of teacher superlatives. The award for Most Helpful went to Ms. Wickman, the award for Most Inspiring went to Ms. Brunelle, the award for Best Senior Class went to Mrs. Morrell’s 12 English class, Most Talented went to Dr. Hamer, and the Paraprofessional of the Year went to Mrs. Blake.

            For the students, the red carpet opened for the male and female winners of twenty-nine categories. Best Eyes went to Joshua Powers and Alison Francais. Class Complainer went to Alexis Stampley and Drew Cunningham. Class Flirt went to Timothy Gonsalves and Katherine Wilbur. Best Dressed went to Kevin Noone and Rose Haznar. Most Likely to Succeed went to Edward Costa and Abigail Hiller.

Teacher’s Pet went to Adam Costa and Jessie Hodges. Most Athletic went to Nick Pacheco and Alexandria Saccone. Cutest Best Friends went to Cameron Severino and Christian Marchisio. Cutest Couple went to Edward Costa and Jaclyn Hahn. Class Clown went to Even Sylvia and Jackie Hahn, although the short speech time was interrupted by a practical joke by Louie Pina reminiscent of Kanye West at the Video Music Awards.

Rowdiest went to Christian Marchisio and Quinn Donovan. Most Changed went to Fred Murolo and Taylor Fien. Most Likely to Tell It Like It Is went to Quinn Henshaw and Pearl Carter. Best Laugh went to Alexander Milde and Marissa Paknis. Drama King and Queen went to Maxwell Houck and Katie Kiernan. Most Gullible went to Kurt Kroninger and Sophia Santos.

Friendliest Senior went to Grady Branagan and Quinn Stoeckle. Best Hair went to Joshua Seim and Abby Robinson. Hallway Wanderer went to Zachary Bowditch and Olivia Laferriere. School Skipper went to Benjamin Price and Erin Molloy. Biggest Gossip went to William Coucci and Brenna Maloney.

Most Musically Inclined went to Michael Bliss and Caroline Reusch. Most Shy went to Douglas Gifford and Elizabeth Bastarache. Best All Around went to Edward Costa and Chandra Perez-Gill. Best Personality went to Emun Legesse and Christian Marchisio.

Biggest Appetite went to Luke Mattar and Melissa Bassett. The Stayed the Same award went to Douglas Gifford and Kara Silvia. Best Smile went to Christian Marchisio and Katelyn Cummings. The award for Most Artistic went to Jacob Rioux and Anthea Andrade.

While there were some nominees and winners who did not attend the ceremony, there was a decent-sized audience with plenty of energy. In between the announcements of the winners there were door prizes for the audience to win in a raffle that were donated by local businesses. The night was a success for the class of 2013.

By Jessica Correia

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