ORRHS’s Swim Team Success

ORRHS’s Swim Team, the newest addition to the sports roster, has had quite the successful season thus far. Winning multiple meets and even having one of their swimmers, Tyler Sjahfiedin, qualify for States in almost all the individual events, they have had unexpected success for such a new team. Senior Michael Edwards believes it has to do with prior participation in competitive swimming.

            “It wasn’t that difficult for us to start behaving like a team. A lot of our swimmers have been swimming for the Wareham Y prior to the start of the school team, so that really made it easier,” said Edwards.

            In addition to that, Senior Captain Rose Haznar believes there are other factors.

            “We do have some kids who have never swam before, but everyone has played on a sports team before swimming, so we all know what it is like to have to strive and work hard for a team. That makes a difference,” she said.

            When prompted about their coach, Haznar added more insight concerning the backbone of the team’s success.

            “She has a huge impact on us. She’s a really good coach, and I have a lot of respect for her. She used to swim herself so she knows how we feel and how hard practices can be. She knows what to tell us to keep us going,” said Haznar.

            With practices held almost every day, just as any other sports team, it is obvious the dedication the swimmers have made to the new team. It has certainly paid off considering their repeated winnings and obvious team spirit.

            Considering the tribulations that the swimmers had to overcome in bringing competitive swimming to ORR, the fact that they have overcome their next obstacle, unifying as a team, may not be that surprising. Hours of fundraising, swimmers’ parents founding of FORS (Friends of Old Rochester Swimming), and meetings with Principal Michael Devoll and Athletic Director Bill Tilden had to be overcome before the team could become a real possibility.

            The work it took the swimmers to create the team has obviously paid off, and the perseverance shown by the swimmers will hopefully aid in static success for the rest of the season.

By Jessica Correia

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