ORR Remembers

The first graduating class of Old Rochester in 1962 was made up of 75 students. We had a lot to accomplish during our senior year: i.e. decide what to do with our lives, decide on colleges, get our new yearbook (the Triad) off to its first issue, get our sports team off to a good start and enjoy the new friendships we made over the year.

Who knew what the next 50 years would bring! We were only 18 years old with our whole lives ahead of us. Some of us would go to college; some directly to jobs; some to get married; some to the military.  We’d soon find out what the future held.

Over the past 50 years, we have lost 11 of our classmates. Eleven special people. All of them left us too early. With our classmates scattered all over the world, the loss of some of these classmates was probably not known to many of us. All 11 of these special classmates will most certainly be at our 50th year class reunion. Friendships made early in our lives have a special meaning. These 11 classmates will be there in our thoughts and never be forgotten.

Each one of these 11 classmates had a best friend and the hole they left will never be filled. The first graduating class of Old Rochester Regional might have been small, but the bonds made have lasted a lifetime.

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