ORR Kicks Off Homecoming Festivities

ORRHS’s most beloved spirit week kicked off with hoards of onesies and colorful sleepwear-inspired outfits for Pajama Day. Perfect for a Monday morning, the majority of the school sported their nighttime knits in a hugely successful first spirit day.

The infamous Nerd Day followed; thick-rimmed glasses, suspenders, button-up shirts and clothing of the like could be spotted all around school, as well as exclamations of “Bazinga!” and other displays of intellectual or offbeat love.

Superhero Day followed in a spectacular display of both comic book and movie superheroes. Even a few villains made an appearance for the extraordinary experience.

Teachers were blinded by an ostentatious array of throwback eighties colors on Neon Day. Hot pinks, neon yellows and flashy oranges were among the assortments of outfits.

Friday, the pinnacle of Homecoming week, showcased not only Class Color Day but also the Pep Rally and the Homecoming Game against Dighton-Rehoboth. The Pep Rally will contain the usual upbeat ORR school spirit chants and dances from our dance team and cheerleaders. Also during the pep rally will be the Homecoming Skits, put together by every grade. Freshmen are doing a “Gangnam Style” dance to showcase their class’s school spirit. Sophomores are doing Hunger Games Old Rochester style. Juniors are doing a Tarzan-inspired skit for their addition to the festivities. Seniors are doing a Toy-Story skit ORR style for their final Homecoming.

A panel of three judges (whom have yet to be disclosed) will decide the “winner” of the Homecoming skits, based on whether or not they included the ORR Bulldog, school spirit and creativity.

That night will cap off the Homecoming Game, with a sea of red and black in the stands and rushing the field after the game. Whether we win or not, the Saturday night Homecoming Dance will be a celebratory end to the week.

By Jessica Correia

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