ORCA Puts a Positive Spin on Clubs

A new club has surfaced at ORRHS after 30 students attended a Leadership Against Bullying conference at Bridgewater State University. Inspired by the conference, the students took the initiative to form ORCA, the Old Rochester Committee for Action. Paired with advisors Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. Perry, the club aims to stop bullying in the school and create a better environment.

While there is no “club leader,” club members Emily Hyde and Madeline Cafarella took the time to answer questions about the new club. Hyde, a junior, says the aim of the club is to “stop bullying and promote positive change around Old Rochester.” Cafarella, a freshman, added, “Our goal is to encourage a positive environment and to promote happier, kinder students.”

While the club is still in its early stages, it already has some long-term goals, according to Hyde:

“We eventually want to hold events and do school-wide projects. We want to include the whole school to spread the positive change as best we can.”

While they know what they wish to do long term, they have yet to reach the planning stages. As Cafarella put it, “We are still in the infancy stage. This is only our third meeting together as a club.”

While 30 students attended the seminar, the club only has about six members as of right now. According to Hyde and Cafarella, the onset of spring sports practice every day has interfered with club attendance.

The club is looking for more members for ORCA. They meet every Thursday right after school in the guidance office. For more information, see Mrs. Perry, Mr. Jenkins or any of the members of the club.

By Jessica Correia

Top row (l-r): Jillian Sethares, Alex Carr, Morgan Browning, Bottom row (l-r): Madeline Cafarella, Kate McGraw, Emily Hyde

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