More Than a Dry Run

For the past few years, upperclassmen have attempted to convince incoming students that there is a pool located in the school. While that remains just a silly joke, upperclassmen may have a new bit of information to make it seem more realistic. For the first time, Old Rochester has an official school swim team. Fundraising efforts for ORR’s newest Co-ed Varsity sport occurred throughout the summer in order to support the team until it can be put into the school’s budget.

For the group of students and parents that headed the endeavor, there seems to be a prolific amount of excitement for the season to start. Senior Rose Haznar considered attending Bishop Stang High School due to their “fantastic” school swim team. Ultimately choosing ORR, it seems only fitting she is an integral part of the dedicated team.

This upcoming season will be her ninth on a team, and she believes this ORR swim team will help her collegiately. Haznar, considering swimming in college, wants a “more rigorous team senior year without joining a team that was way over [her] head.” Haznar also stated that many of the girls on their YMCA team were incoming freshman, so “what better year to start a team?”

Molly Richards, a team swimmer for the past four years, conveyed the same motivation, believing an ORR swim team to be a “good idea” and “just can’t wait” for this year.

Classified as a winter sport, practices won’t start until November, as stated by both girls. While they haven’t picked a coach yet, according to Haznar there have been “multiple inquiries.” They are planning to hold practices at the Wareham YMCA during the weekdays and UMASS Dartmouth on the weekends; however, this may be subject to change before the season starts.

Amongst their competition will be over 100 co-ed varsity swim teams across Massachusetts. While ORR is new to the swim team ranks, with the passion and dedication the team’s swimmers and parents have shown, there seems to be no stopping the team. Pulling all the fundraising in during the summer months, the incentive throughout is undoubtedly high. Be sure to keep an ear open for the newest addition to Bulldog Athletics during the winter months.

By Jessica Correia

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