Holiday Volleyball at ORRHS

The Annual Holiday Volleyball Tournament is this Friday, December 21 at Old Rochester Regional High School. Every year on the last day of school before vacation, there is a school wide tournament held all morning in the gym. The teams are comprised of six players; three girls and three boys. There are no limits on grade or age and all students who have a gym class or study are welcome to come down and cheer their classmates on.

As restless students count down the hours until vacation, the volleyball tournament serves as a break from the routine and a friendly competition between students. The winning team wins a cash prize of one hundred dollars.

The tournament is one of the more anticipated events of the year. Some students savor the competition while others look at it as just a fun event to participate in with friends.

Junior Tyler Zell epitomizes the air of healthy competition.

“I didn’t participate last year but I watched it and I heard it was a lot of fun from fellow friends and classmates. I would like to make a statement right now. My team will win this tournament. We are the best you have ever seen,” he said.

Senior Abby Offringa enjoys both the competition and the experience itself.       “Its fun because you are competing against your friends. I also enjoy seeing the different outfits: they are always funny. The boys always try to wear funny tight stuff. My favorite part would probably be winning,” she said.

Senior Maxwell Houck is only in the tournament for the sake of the game.

“I really enjoy playing volleyball in my free time. I have seriously missed it since the end of my gym classes sophomore year. So I can’t wait to compete again, with and against my classmates,” Houck said.

Whether the students are in it to for the money, the competition, the fun, or to get higher in the finals than the team that beat them last year, it adds an air of excitement to the halls of ORR. For the first two blocks of the day on Friday, the gym can be seen filled with volleyball teams and the cheers of the classmates who are able to come down and cheer for them. Colorful costumes and high spirits mark the last day as students and teachers prepare for their time off.

By Jessica Correia

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