Dance Team Showcase

This past Friday, the ORR High School auditorium held the 4th Annual Bulldog Rhythm Showcase. The high school’s dance team worked with their new head coach, previous Bulldog Rhythm member Bethanie Bassett, to present 18 dance numbers to a crowd of peers, friends and family members.

            The night opened at 7:00 pm with a group number titled “Dance.” Next, juniors McKenzie Snow and Katrina Carmichael did a duet titled “Sail.” Following was a 12-dancer group number called “Throwback Mix.”

            Two freshmen danced a heartfelt duet to Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” before five girls danced to an upbeat number called “Heads Will Roll.”

            The sophomore girls of the team performed a group number named “Pon De Replay” before senior Alex Pickering danced a solo to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Junior Becca Myers performed a saucy solo tap dance number to the song “Show Me How You Burlesque.”

            A large group number to a Beyoncé mash-up wrapped up the first half of the showcase before the dancers came out into the crowd to sell concessions and 50/50 raffle tickets during the intermission.

            After intermission, three of the seniors danced another saucy number to “Fever.” The juniors of the team performed an upbeat dance which they called “Pop Mash-Up.”

            Senior Melissa Bassett performed an emotional duet with her sister to “I Won’t Let Go” followed by a solo cameo dance by sophomore Angela Weigel. Another group number followed Weigel’s solo, called “As Long As You Love Me.” Sophomore Korryn Pinard delighted the crowd with another solo called “Hurt.” Juniors Alison and Becca performed a duet in matching school-girl uniforms to the song titled “Schoolin’ Life.”

            The seniors of the team wore matching orange dresses for their dance to “Lean on Me” before the night wrapped up with the entire team dancing to “Celebrate.”

            At the end of the night, the seniors were brought rose bouquets and were given a tearful goodbye speech by the junior members of the team. Other expressions of gratitude included Coach Bethanie Bassett, Jackie Bassett and Paul Sardinha for their help in making the night a success.

By Jessica Correia

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