Cutting Club Fees: Winter Homecoming

This week at ORR is the first spirit week and pep rally of recent memory. The event centers on the Friday night basketball game against Bishop Stang. It is essentially a mid-year Homecoming, complete with the spirit days all through the week, a pep rally the last half of the day on Friday, and a dance on Saturday night.

The spirit days are as follows: Monday is Favorite Color Day, Tuesday is Ugly Sweater Day, Wednesday is Mismatch Day, Thursday is Fancy Day, and Friday is White-Out Day. All students are encouraged to dress up to show their school spirit.

The pep rally will be on Friday at 12:45 pm. In straying from the usual Homecoming pep rally tradition, there will not be any class skit competition. Instead, there will be different games and activities to get the school pumped up for the big game. These activities have yet to be disclosed.

The varsity basketball game will be at 6:30 pm in the ORR gymnasium against Bishop Stang on Friday, February 8. All students are encouraged to go support their classmates on the court.

On Saturday, February 9, there will be the Snowball Dance. Just like a second Homecoming, it is open to all grades and will be held in the high school’s cafeteria. Unlike Homecoming, all proceeds from the dance, including ticket and concession sales, will go towards lowering the Club and Activities Fee for all students. As of this year, the fee for participating in a non-athletic club is $100. That includes every club from Drama Club to Sci-Fi Club to Film Club and more. In previous years, the Bulldog Dash was the fundraiser to lower the club fees, but as it makes more sense for that to be a fundraiser for the athletic teams, Student Council and Class Officers created the Snowball Dance as the clubs’ way of offsetting the fee.

If the turnout of the dance is high, the $100 fee will be cut to a much more preferable amount. However, should turnout to the dance be lousy, the fee will not be cut as much as hoped. Attendance of as many students as possible will directly result in a greater lowering of the fee. Tickets will be sold at lunches all this week.

By Jessica Correia

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