AP Exams on the Horizon

Having filled out the paperwork in the cafeteria under the guidance of counselor Ms. Perry two weeks ago, many students at Old Rochester Regional High School are now preparing for the annual Advanced Placement exams that are scheduled from Tuesday, May 8 to Wednesday, May 16.

Students were advised to fill out the testing forms in the same manner as they did the last year (any fluctuations in optional data might result in multiple score reports) and authorize score reports to colleges and universities of their choice only if they are confident in receiving a good score. Students who do not authorize score reports when they are taking the exams will have to pay a fee to the administering organization, College Board, when they send score reports at a later date.

Students who are taking multiple Advanced Placement exams should remember Ms. Perry’s explanation that the purple information boxes need to be filled out only once. The blue information boxes are filled out for each exam, and students must use the same identification number (located in their Student Pack, which the guidance department will distribute on the days of the exams).

Students who are planning to take an Advanced Placement exam during the morning session, which is to begin at 8:00 am, must report to the testing room immediately rather than attend homeroom.  This will help the proctors begin the test closer to the official start time, which will in turn enable those students who are taking two exams in one day to have a longer lunch break before their second exam begins in the early afternoon. The official start time for afternoon exams is 12:00 pm. Students taking tests in the afternoon must seek permission from the third block teachers to eat during first lunch.

This year, Old Rochester Regional High School is administering Advanced Placement exams for Spanish Language, Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition (AP English 12), United States History, European History, Biology, French Language and Culture, English Language and Composition (AP English 11) and Statistics.

Next year, when the Advanced Placement offerings for science go into the second year rotation, students will be able to take the Advanced Placement exams for Chemistry, Environmental Science, or both.

Students who are taking Advanced Placement exams this year should have a copy of the AP Bulletin, which contains information about the testing as well as score reporting services. The AP Bulletin also contains the Advanced Placement Exam schedule.

For the benefit of those who might have lost some information, the dates and times for the exams are: Spanish Language – May 8, morning; Calculus AB – May 9, morning; English Literature and Composition – May 10, morning; United States History – May 11, morning; European History – May 11, afternoon; Biology – May 14, morning; French Language and Culture – May 15, afternoon; English Language and Composition – May 16, morning; Statistics – May 16, afternoon.

All students taking the Advanced Placement exams are advised to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy, energizing breakfast. Some exams allow for students to have snacks and water in between portions of the test, so students should verify this with their teachers before bringing something to the classroom.

Students need to listen to school announcements for the next week to find out about the locations of the Advanced Placement exams; the rooms are different every year. Those who are not taking the Advanced Placement exams should be quiet and respectful in the hallways near the classrooms where there is testing.

By Anne Smith

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