Activities Program on the Rise

From magicians dropping bowling balls out of thin air, to peers simulating Family Feud, and the experience of going to a casino without worrying about how it may affect them in the long run, Tabor has it all on the weekends.

It’s events like these that make people wonder how some students become homesick.

This has been a year where weekends have become the highlight of one’s Tabor experience. It has involved the clever combination of traditional events and new events that separate Tabor from other schools.

“I think the activities have gone well,” said Chris Millette, Director of Student Activities. “We’ve added a few things and reinvented some things. We’ve also done popular things like trips to Wareham Crossing, Open Mic night and trips to Boston more consistently.”

Millette has come through with activities that bring people together in different ways.    This year has included past traditions like the Hypnotist show, two Open Mic Nights, and dances with themes based on when it took place (i.e. Halloween, beginning of the school year and Winter/Christmas).

Students have also gone on off-campus trips to Boston, Providence and nearby restaurants, like Turks and Tokyo.

There have also been new events such as the Norman Ng Magic Show, an extravaganza where Norman combines jaw-dropping magic with hysterical humor, and Tabor Fight Night, which gave students the opportunity to fight a friend or faculty member.

Millette claims that Fight Night greatly benefited Tabor, and not just because of its popularity.

“I think Fight Night was the biggest winner this year,” he said. “It was new, fun, and it raised a lot of money for the senior class. I think we can make a few tweaks to it and have it be a great tradition for years to come.”

This upcoming Saturday features an event that has occurred at Tabor the past couple of Februarys and has drawn a large crowd each time.

Events in the past have included a roulette wheel, a “dice” table, and five poker and blackjack tables. At the end of the night, students could choose from over 25 different prizes.

However, Millette is planning to make it bigger and better than ever.

“It was so popular and crowded last year,” he said. “We are adding some more table games so that more kids can sit down and play.”

On February 14, there will be an Asian Dinner, which is a popular meal consisting of food from eight different Asian countries (Bahrain, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand and Vietnam). In the past, lines have gone outside the Lillard dorm main entrance.

As the diverse array of activities continues to pile up and gain popularity, we are looking forward to more amazing nights at Casino Nights and Asian Dinner.

By Nicholas Veronesi

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