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To the Editor:

Uncharacteristically, primary day this year is Thursday, September 6. All across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, voters will head to the polls on a Thursday. It’s especially important to vote on primary day because several races will be decided based on the outcome of the primary elections.

Unlike many states in the US, Massachusetts makes it easy to cast a ballot for the candidates of your choice. Consider:

• Vote using an absentee ballot if you’re out of town on primary day or Election Day.

• Vote early; visit your Town Hall.

• Vote, even if you turn 18 the day before the Election Day.

One important caveat: only those who are registered with a political party can vote in its primary! So, you must register by August 17, cast your ballot and then un-enroll, if you choose to do so.

Remember, however, you can only vote in the party primary in which you have enrolled.  You cannot register to vote in the Democratic primary, vote, un-enroll and then enroll and vote in the Republican Party primary.

To vote in the November 6 general election, you must register to vote by October 17.

If you have any questions at all about voting, please talk to your Town Clerk or you can visit the Secretary of State’s website at

This is your chance! Your vote counts! Never think that your one vote doesn’t matter!


Cindy Johnson



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