Questioning Good Friday Decission

To all Rochester School Committee members:

I am writing this letter to address the already made decision to throw out Good Friday as a day off. Many of our families take time out to remember this day of Christ’s death on the cross. No one is forced to remember our Lord on this day but in my opinion, it is wrong to delete it for those students who can’t afford to attend a parochial or private school. A question arose this morning when I was asked:

“What happens next? Will you delete the Christmas Day religious holiday as well?!”

It is appalling and very upsetting to me that the Rochester School Committee members of the secular population have the authority to make this very wrong decision, which I believe is a direct attack at the Christian population, ignoring the opinions of other Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett residents.

I have voiced my concerns to Diane Russo, at the office of ORR Superintendent Douglas White, who suggested I make my concerns known to Rochester School Committee Chairman, Michelle Cusolito at 508-763-3736 and ORR School Committee Chair, James O’Brien at 508-763-2330. I have left voicemails for both, with hopes my concerns will be considered at their next meeting on May 8th.

Meanwhile, I am writing this letter to speak to others who share my opinion and agree with my concerns and who would be perhaps willing to sign a petition to overthrow this decision. I believe it is a grave injustice to the Christian community.

Thank you,

Margaret and Robert McGee


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  1. Debra Graf says:

    I agree, wholeheartedly, with Margaret and Robert McGee, and had already written to The Old Rochester Regional School Committee last week when I learned about this decision. I asked them to re-think and re-visit their vote, as it is my strong belief that political correctness is going too far in this country. We are sending an incorrect message to students when we allow decisions like this to stand. We are telling them that the recognition of the holiday is somehow bad” or “wrong” or “not desirable. That it’s “unfair” to everyone to recognize a Christian holiday. That since we’re all not of the exact, same faith then therefore no one will acknowledge it in public school.

    We have a decades-long tradition in this country of celebrating Christian holidays, for good reason…because the majority of people in the United States are Christian. No one leaves their faith at the door when they enter a school building, walk into their place of work, perform volunteer service, etc.; they live their faith 24/7. Your faith is part of who you are and cannot be separated from you, no matter where you are physically present.

    Adjustments in school policy can be made for those who are of a faith that is not the majority faith, but eliminating the tradition of the Christian holiday, celebrated by a majority, is wrong.

    The increasing secularization of our society is continuing to degrade our culture for everyone. Just because one, two, or a few declare something to be so, doesn’t make it so. I do respectfully ask that concerned citizens, taxpayers, and parents contact the School Committee to ask them to re-vote on this issue.

    • The Jerome's says:

      I am also disappointed in the School Commitee’s decision to do away with Good Friday. I am glad to see other concerned residents voicing their opinions in regard to this topic . I think as residents the best way to be heard is at the voting booth. We have town elections today and can vote out the incumbents and let them know we are not happy with their decisions. Michelle Cusolito is not running for reelection but Tom Scholz is. Let him know today that we are not happy and lets give somone else a try in this position.

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